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My Garden's Flowers

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It was a really cold morning and I was getting ready for work but somehow I got ready too early. Since I had 45 minutes to cut before going to work in the morning I went to water my garden in my backyard where I have all kinds of flowers, crops and cactuses. As I was watering the plants I realized how beautiful nature is and how there is life everywhere in my garden.

When I was finished with watering my plants I grabbed my DSLR Canon 60D with the 70-200mm lens and began shooting random photos of my backyard until I saw this bee. I saw the bee extracting the nectar out of my other flowers so I followed it but didn't want to get so close. I stepped all the way back about 10feet away from the bee and zoomed in all the way on the 200MM mark on my lens on the bee with the flower. I then focused on it and took this beautiful snap shot.

Photo of the bee extracting Nectar from a flower. Not so sure what the flower is called since it was a gift from a friend.

Taken with the "M" Manual setting on the DSLR "Shutter Speed" F 1/500 with Aperture (f/2.8) "Largest Opening".


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