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Words of Encouragement

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Words of Encouragment

Times Writer

Heyo, bettyjoe here. I noticed that lately my articles have not made it into the Times. At first I was mad, a bit, because I had spent such a hard time writing them -- I had submitted so many, yet none were in at all!

But I won't get discouraged at all. I will keep writing everything from opinions to articles on learning, and I will do it with high hopes, knowing that it is the best. I feel that if I don't get my article in, it just shows good criticism, and I then know how to make it better in the future.

So, when you write an article and it doesn't get published, make sure you have a copy of the draft. Then you can re-write and re-word your ideas so they sound better and maybe have a better chance of getting in. Also, if it doesn't get in the next issue, don't be discouraged either. Sometimes it takes a really long time for this to happen, it did for me in many cases.

Although I am not the best liked times writer, I keep trying. And if you want to try, don't be discouraged by a few failures, because they're not. They just help you to get better.

Well, that's all for now, folks!


Guest Writer

Like Giggler01. Like Merchant. Like RoxyStars. Like LilBeaut. Like BaByAnDiE. Like Sonner. Like MediaWiz.

They are all my well-liked writers. Though some of them my not be times writers. I still think that their wonderful talents were sought and used. It may be a surprise that I, Mariemaia, would all of a sudden try to come by the Times, but it should not be.

I just wanted to tell you that many of these writers have obviously tried hard to actually get into the Times. I would like to make a submission, I would like to be a "Times Writer". I already recognize by doing so I would have to carefully produce all my articles and envision of some good subjects for them.

I think that I would do best in "reporting crimes", "telling opinions" and also showing my insight in "fashion". I think the world should get a glimpse of occurrences that have happened in the past few days.

Anyone remember the times when people say "Whyville is cursed, get off now or your computor will get a virus", or maybe " I think that Whyville should be better by having a prom", or even "Fashion has gone along way from today when we first got tosseled blondeys". It's purely in the news.

Accepting the facts as they are, I fully intend to become a Times Writer. No matter how much it takes or how long. I will never give up; I will become a legacy for Whyville.




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