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The Write For The Whyville Times Contest

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Hello and welcome back to "The Write For The Whyville Times Contest". There is some exciting news to be announced this week! The winner of last round, the trophy and next week's topic will all be revealed in this article. For more information about this contest, please go to this link:


First of all a big thank you to everyone who submitted articles for the contest in last week's edition of the Whyville Times. I was very impressed at the thought, care and effort that went into each of the articles. I'm being completely honest when I say it was hard to choose a winner. However, there can only be one person to take home the prize . . .


The winner for the best article about "A Person You Respect" in the Whyville Times Edition on the 16th June, 2013 is Hottrent1 with his article "Whyvillian In The Spotlight" written about his panda crazed friend xoxkitkat. Well done Hottrent1 on your outstanding article! Well done xoxkitkat for being worthy of such respect!


Funnily enough, Hottrent1 is also the designer of the award part. (Shown below).

This is an exclusive trophy that will be awarded to the winner for each week. Hottrent1 will also receive 25, 000 clams.

This week

The new topic for next week is . . . holidays/vacations! Many people are on holidays right now. Many of those people are experiencing the joys of travelling to new and exciting places. Your challenge this week is to describe your most memorable holiday experience to your fellow Whyvillians. This topic belongs in the "Hot Topics" section of the Whyville Times. To enter, write your article and submit it for next week's edition of the Whyville Times (Sunday the 30th of June).

You may have tales from a long time ago when you adventured in far and distant lands. Or maybe once upon a time you simply camped out in your neighbor's backyard for the weekend. Whatever your story is, share it with us!

Editor's Note: Unfortunately, we did not receive any submissions this week for last week's topic "Movies versus Books". I hope everyone contributes to this week's topic. This is a chance for you all to help support each other and Zicker in this contest. Keep up the good work and happy writing!


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