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Father's Day Forum

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Father's Day Forum

Guest Writer

Hi, this is KiMmErS here to talk about Father's Day, coming on June 16, 2002. Be sure to show your dad how much you love and care about him. Make a surprise party, give him a present, take him somewhere, make him something, and many other ideas you can think of. It's a time to show your love to your parents and repay them for so many things they have done for you when you were a baby and now. It comes once a year, so don't worry if you miss it -- for me, every day is Father's Day or Mother's Day.

So this is what I had to say about Father's Day. Be ready and be prepared. This is KiMmErS signing off! Bye!


Times Writer

Hey, this is Sonner with an Investigative Report.

I was checking on the City Records. What did I find, you ask? I found that Vanilla was last on Whyville two days ago. She now has a face again! Maybe she wrote that article in the Waiting Room and couldn't log on to Whyville. Well, for all I know Vanilla was telling the truth about her returning to Whyville. I see in the past few weeks there's been some debate whether Vanilla had actually came back. With Giggler01's article, she'd found out that Vanilla hadn't been on in 200 days, but now she's back! Hopefully I'll make a new friend! LoL!

All I have to say is Welcome Back, Vanilla! Hope you still enjoy Whyville!


Guest Writer

Hey, this is kookycola, dedicated Whyvillian, and I am here to say that I think it would be really kool to have a drama club in Whyville. People could audition and they would be y-mailed scripts. The appropriate face parts could be donated to the actors, and then one day, the play could be performed for everyone. Tickets would be really cheap so everyone could see the play. We could have a director and everything! It would be really fun, and I hope you consider my, and many other peoples', idea. See ya all later. :) McWoppers of the world unite!


Times Writer

Look, bettyjoe here once again, but I'm angry this time! I'd just like to talk about sports. So many times have I heard this: "if you wanna be a cheerleader press *** (girls) and if you wanna be a football player press ***** (guys)"

Well, look at it this way! I hate to cheerlead! But I love to play football! Why can't girls who want to play football get to? Put them on a team too! If a guy wants to cheer, then let him! Don't restrict teams to guys and girls. Mix it Up!


Guest Writer

Hi, this is SwtDevl, and if you don't know me by that name, maybe 'anglgurl' rings a bell. This is my first article, so don't laugh.

Well, I'm writing to tell all of you newbies, and even oldbies (my friend is an oldbie, and she's so old, she doesn't even know how to play the new games in Whyville!), that you can't give up. What I mean by that is, if the games you are used to playing (like the spin games) stop giving you clams, don't give up! There are a LOT of games that maybe you haven't even tried!

And then you might say, "But I don't know how!" Well, every game has instructions, so read them! Have you tried the Sun Spot Puzzle? Well, all you have to do is click on the area that you live in, look on your newspaper, see when the sun rises and sets, and write it in. That's all! Also, have you tried the Hot Air Balloon game? Read the instructions, and play! It's really fun once you get the hang of it!

So, to all you oldbies and newbies, play the games!

If any of you need help on a game, y-mail me.



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