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2013 Whyville Prom in Pictures

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It was that time of the year again, the annual Whyville Prom was held on Thursday, June 20th, 2013 from 1PM to 5PM. Many Whyvillans came around 12:30 PM with their extraordinary outfits at the Sportplatz where the event is usually held waiting for the Prom Scion. Finally, 1PM hit the clock and Prom started we all couldn't wait to start this amazing event. Once everyone enter the beautifully decorated Prom event we all started to dance pop , talk with friends, play toss the coin and started to swap votes. All of us citizens couldn't wait to see this year Prom Queen and King.

A lot was happening in this event that I wanted this day to be remembered by many Whyvillans. Enjoy the photos.

This year at Whyville Prom 2013 we saw a new beautiful venue. Thanks to the City Workers for making this outstanding chat room you guys put a lot of work into this new chat room for us citizens.

Whyville Prom 2013 Entry, Ball Room, Fountain and the Photo Booth. All new rooms exclusively for prom.

Now here are the pictures of this years winners. Congratulations to all individuals, you all did a fantastic job.

Now here are some pictures I took of myself in the event. This year's prom was really fun and I hope you enjoyed it too.

I also took the time to ask a few people on how they liked prom this year.

Freakzo: How do you liked this year's Whyville Prom?

Nickocom: This year's prom was so much better than last year's prom. It felt mellow and best of all it was fun.
Krissss: It was so good Whyville outdid themselves this year :D!
Dawnleaf: It was really fun, everyone was so nice!
Razor101: It felt awesome because I've never ever been to prom. I missed my Senior year prom 4 years ago and never got the opportunity. So it felt like I actually went to prom here on Whyville lol. I also love the venue that was introduced this year.

Well that is it for the pictures everyone. Hope you enjoyed them because prom was really fun this year. Until then I'll see you all!

Author's Note: I would like to thank DawnLeaf for being a good friend and always being there for me. She took the time to edit the first photo for me. Thank you so much DawnLeaf!


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