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Hoots, Howls, Bubble, Pioneers and Raisins

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The journey was already quite boring. But the anticipation filled me up as I was listening to some music. Taking a few naps there, and sight seeing was the only thing that interested me in the long car ride. Skyscrapers filled the empty sky as we hit Atlanta, Georgia. That was the only thing I remembered till we hit a huge wooden cabin. That's when I knew when we reached our destination, Savannah, Georgia.

Carrying our heavy luggages into the house was the highlight of my day! Not. The cold filled my with shivers. The high light, was actually exploring the inside. My room was in the basement, but the basement was actually the funnest room.

As I opened the door, I immediately tried to find a light switch, and turned it on. I walked down on the carpet stairs with my luggage following close behind me. My eyes widened in amazement to what I saw. Arcade games.

They filled the room, with their tempting plug, straight away I dashed to the racing games plug and plugged it in. The bright screen filled my eyes. I decided I might as well just play one game. After that game I went into my room and unpacked in the clean room.

After a night in the fun cabin, we went to a gold mining place. The twist and twirls around that mountain really got me sick. But I was relieved when we finally arrived. We started to pan, no luck. A little more, and a few pieces of gold glimmered in the gray pan. My whole family got a little tiny bottle with our pieces of gold. And it was time to go back . . . through twist and twirls making all of us sick, but to some pleasure to my dad driving and wanting to go through all of the twist around the high mountain.

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. That should be a poem for where I was on the second night. Relaxing in a hot tub was the highlight of my night. A few hoots, and even some howls filled the star lighted sky. We came inside the cold house as raisins.

The last day was just hanging in the cabin, watching some movies. We all gathered for a game of pool, but to my luck, I didn't win. I spent most of the time playing the racing game though. You should check the highscores . . . I had a very good sleep in the quiet cabin.

We woke up early, and packed up. We said our goodbyes to the dream cabin, well my dream cabin. The trip there was like the same, but hoping to come back soon. The music filled my ears as I drifted off to a deep sleep. I opened my eyes to reveal my home.

My fun vacation at Georgia was fun and exciting. Arcade games, bubbles,and movie marathon. Hoots and howls filling the night sky, rasins at night, and pioneers in daylight. I truely loved this vacation, and loved to share it to you.


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