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Katrina, a.k.a one of the best friends anyone could wish for is a lively, chatty, bouncy, bubbly, friendly, approachable, awesome, kind, funny, sweet, cute and clever fifteen year old. She is a member of theTeA (The Trivia Events Association) as well as The POC (The Party Organizing Committee), Carlos and the Sloths (a band including most of the people that own the original sloth) and one of the talented designers in the group that makes outfits exclusively for your sloth, Sloth Shop. See that? I got a little advertising there, hehe.

Here she is:

Always dressed from head to solar plexus in trendy outfits, this girl has 'fabulous' literally written all over her avatar. To add to her stylish outward appearance, Kat has a fantastic personality. Always ready to help, Kat can magically transform into someone to cry to, to someone to share a laugh with. Kat is ALWAYS there when you need her.

With a favorite color of mint green, Kat is really a person you should talk to. Her favourite sport is cheerleading, which she obviously does with amazing skill and talent. Kat, is - not a man but a female - of many talents and strengths.

Here's messages from Kat's best friends!

Dear Kat (and all readers!),

Kat, I love you to infinity and beyond. You really make me smile, and can always pull me out of a funk. We have a two year difference, but, you always dumb things down for me, lol. We had a little disagreement in the near past, if it was even that small. But, we powered through it. Kat, I just love you to death, best friend. You were my prom date, and we had fun! I just love you, best friend. Quoting Toy Story, "You've got a friend in me."

-Marigold Anna

Kat well what can I say, she's the most amazing person I've met on this site. She's a fantastic listener and certainly deserves this, she's smart and funny even though we disagree on a lot of things psh (music, even though she knows Nicki Minaj is amazing.) Kat is still a wonderful person.

Love Char

I can't write a speech about you, Kat, because words don't describe you well enough. Instead, I wrote this article. Hope it's enough.


Also some other friends saying what they think about Kat:

She is so awesome! I couldn't wish for anyone better to hang around with.
Whyville without Kat is a day without sunshine . . . or music.
She is swag.
Kat is a cute little fuzzy peanut awww.

Okay. As you can tell, Kat is very well-liked! May it stay that way!

- LilaStorm and friends


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