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The Write For The Whyville Times Contest

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If you travel to the Creative Writing section of the Whyville Times this week you will be in for a nice surprise when you find acrostic poems. These acrostic poems are all entries for the ongoing "Write For The Whyville Times Contest". This is a contest that brings forth a new topic every week and challenges people to write about it. You will find more details about this contest in the link below:


Also, please don't forget to ymail me your vote for your favorite acrostic poems submitted this week!

Now, there are some announcements to be made . . .


I'd first of all like to congratulate all three writers who wrote an article last week about their most memorable holiday. I enjoyed reading about the memories made on each of your trips! However, there is only one winner. The winner of those three articles has the quirky title "Hoots, Howls, Bubble, Pioneers and Raisins" by Candy5111. Candy5111, your article was very entertaining, well done! You will receive 25,000 clams and the exclusive Whyville Times writing part (made by Hottrent1) to display on your avatar.

This Week

This week's topic is . . . passion! However, this topic isn't just about what you're passionate about; it's all about finding out what other Whyvillians are passionate about. Your challenge over the next two weeks is to conduct an interview that has something to do with passion. Perhaps there are people on Whyville who are passionate about a particular hobby. Maybe there are people who are passionate about their viewpoint in a certain current event who are willing to start a debate over it. People might possibly be passionate about world peace, animal cruelty, music, politics or their dream career. As long as you can justify in some way or another how your topic is related to passion I'll accept it.

I can understand interviews can take a while because of needing to gather interview candidates. Especially because this has been the most lenient topic so far, I know it may take a while to think of ideas as well. So because of this there will be two weeks instead of one for you to create your article. You may send your entry in for next week's edition of the Whyville Times (14th of July 2013) or the following week's edition (21st of July 2013). Once all the articles have been submitted I'll put a link of the articles in the BBS and ask people to vote.

Happy writing!


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