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Growing Up

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Growing up is something everyone has to go through, and for some of us here on Whyville; adulthood is nearby. We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations that we would like to reach in the future, whether it be becoming a writer or raising a family. As kids, we can be scared of what the future holds for us. It can be scary to think that maybe your dreams won't come true or your life doesn't turn out how you wished. Cutelemon and Zicker have devised this interview to discover what other Whyvillians hope to achieve in the future and how they plan on accomplishing their goals.

Cutelemon and Zicker: What are your plans for after you finish school?

Lilastorm: I want to be an author, actor and ballerina.
Mrcowboy: Not in school anymore. If you are indeed asking of my career choice then I was going to be an entertainer.
Shoelack8: After high school, I want to go to a four year university, though I'm not sure which one yet. I'm not a particularly decisive person, so I don't know what I would major in or what I want to do after college.
Cows2Cute: After I finish school, I plan to get a job to help out my family, to achieve my dreams.
Hottrent1: After I finish school (college), I plan to get a residency for my veterinary career.

Cutelemon and Zicker: What are you most excited for when you grow up?

Lilastorm: I'll have the chance to make my own choices, I'll be away from my annoying brother and I'll have the chance to achieve my dreams.
Mrcowboy: The chance to provide for my family and do good work.
Shoelack8: As strange as it may sound, I look forward to buying my own food, decorating my own house/apartment, and caring for my own pet.
Cows2Cute: The thought of being a legally free person kind of excites me. I'll be able to drive, which will be very helpful to my family as well, when we go to the Philippines. Also, working with different people would be nice, since I really want to be a photographer or an author when I grow up.
Hottrent1: I'm most exited to raise a family and hopefully have my dream job.

Cutelemon and Zicker: Do you think it's better to be a child or an adult? Why?

Lilastorm: I think it's better to be a child because you don't have to make any decisions. When you're young, you're so innocent. I miss being a young child.
Mrcowboy: Child definitely! I just celebrated a birthday in February.
Shoelack8: Well, everyone is a child at some point in their lives, and everyone grows into an adult eventually, so there's no avoiding it. Rather than generalizing age groups by choosing between children and adults, I think that it is best to simply be smart and rational, regardless of age.
Cows2Cute: For me, personally, my childhood life would probably be better now, because this is the phase in your life where you create the memories, learn the basics, and grow up with a strong bond in the family.
Hottrent1: I think it's better to be a child simply because children don't have as much to worry about as adults do. I love being a child!

Cutelemon and Zicker: What are your biggest fears when it comes to growing up?

Lilastorm: I don't want to end up without enough money. Or if I don't pass enough GCSEs.
Mrcowboy: Losing connections . . .
Shoelack8: I'm scared of living on my own, figuring out bills and taxes, and going to job interviews.
Cows2Cute: Basically all the stress once I go into college, since I hear a LOT about how hard and how much energy it takes when you're in college, all the essays and everything.
Hottrent1: My biggest fears would be me having to support myself and my family. If all doesn't go well, I'd feel like a failure. I hate that feeling.

Cutelemon and Zicker: What do you miss most about your childhood?

Lilastorm: My family being happy. My mum and dad were divorced about four years ago and I haven't seen my dad for about two years. It was easier to get on with my mother when I was younger and I miss being so close to her.
Mrcowboy: All the free time I had to do fun things.
Shoelack8: When I was younger, I was so oblivious and happy. Though it's good to be aware of the world you live in, I can't help but long for the time when I didn't have to worry about anything.
Cows2Cute: Well, I'm still IN my childhood years, I just recently turned 11. What I will most likely miss are the school memories and such, all the crushes and the best friends and the gossiping, although there's plenty of that in high school, it just wouldn't really be the same.
Hottrent1: Well I'm still a child, so I'll go on to when I was younger. I miss nap time. I didn't like it then, but I would love nap times. I would sleep on a nice and sturdy cot all the way through.

Cutelemon and Zicker: How do you plan on achieving what you want to do in the future?

Lilastorm: I have no idea. I tend to focus on each day. I can't think about the future too much at the moment! I'm in progress of writing a novel as it's easier to get things published when you're younger.
Mrcowboy: I do stuff now so I will just keep it up.
Shoelack8: Seeing as my only solid plan for the future is to be happy, I think that I'll just have to go with my instincts and hope for the best.
Cows2Cute: I plan on joining photography classes or at least some photography basics from my father, since he does have a hobby of professional photography.
Hottrent1: I plan on doing a lot of hard work. To become a veterinarian, I must put a lot of work and dedication into pursuing my dream career.

Although the thought of growing up can be tormenting on the mind, it is inevitably going to happen. Your age will always remain as merely a number which does not necessarily define you. It doesn't matter how old you are or how hard life becomes. What counts is how you manage the hardships and work towards your goals. In the end it won't matter if you don't achieve what you wanted, as long as you had a great time trying. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

We'd like to thank all the interviewees for their thoughtful answers.

By Cutelemon and Zicker.


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