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A Vegetarian's Philosophy

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A Vegetarian's Philosophy

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I have to agree with Merchant with her article called "Saving the Animals". I think that killing animals for science is WRONG!!! I think it is a very cruel way to discover what is going on within the animal's body.

For instance, the way they kill the frogs for dissection. They inject fluid in their veins to kill them. Last year we did it in my science class. I didn't make a big deal about it at first, but when it came to the first day we were doing this, I felt sorry for the poor frogs. I know this may sound strange, but would you want someone to take you away and inject you with some fluid so others can poke around your insides?

I also disagree with animal fur, leather, and other things. The way they kill the animals just to have their fur! That has caused the extinction of many species. It has also made many go on the endangered species list. Like the polar bear and giant tortoises, for example. I also don't like the deforestation (the removal of trees) of the rainforest. I watched a program on the Discovery Channel about the Giant Panda and it said that if we don't do something by the year 2050, the Giant Panda species will kill itself off because they will all be related, every single one, because there are not enough to reproduce normally.

I love animals; I have a whole bunch of house pets. I'm also a vegetarian and so is my cousin. We decided around January 1st that we would become vegetarians. I started it as my New Year's resolution and I have kept it going on to this very day, and I hope I stay this way for the rest of my life. I thought it would be hard and I thought I would miss meat a lot, but it wasn't like that at all -- it was very simple! I'm not the kind who eats nothing from an animal. There are several types of vegetarians. I still eat or drink things dealing with milk, but I don't eat meat.

While I'm writing, I want to tip my hats to two celebrities. One is Tobey Maguire for being a vegetarian and the other one is Pink for standing up for what she believes in, not supporting fur coats. I would also like to thank Burger King for having vegetarian burgers, giving me a chance to visit Burger King, because I use to eat those burgers all the time.

In spite of what this sounds like, I'm not a real big vegetarian. I have seen really intense people who cuss someone out for just eating MEAT!!! LoL, that's overdoing it. Not all of my friends are vegetarian, but they love animals as much as I do. :)

Sunday, June 2, 12:43pm



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