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A Hunter's Perspective

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A Hunter's Perspective

Guest Writer

Hi. I just finished reading Merchant's article about saving the animals. I hafta type fast because my ma wants to get online, so sorry in advanced for poor spelling, LoL. Okay, I'll address my issues point by point

I think that it is horrible that Merchant had to view the skinning and probably gutting of a squirrel. That is not meant for an audience. But the truth is, that is what hunters, like me, do. It is fact. We do shoot animals, but we eat whatever we take out of the woods. Hunters are not like poachers, who kill an animal for ivory or to sell for rugs. That is wrong. And that is exactly why poaching is illegal and hunting is not. There are certain rules we follow to keep the animals thriving in our forests.

This is also a little confusing for me, because I love animals. I also think they should not be killed. My vegetarian friend protests meats because she feels it is eating poor, defenseless creatures. But let's face it, this is what cavemen did to survive! I am NOT against vegetarians, but I know I will not become one.

And one more thing, not all schools make their students watch videos like that or dissect animals if they feel it is wrong. Our school doesn't.

Well, these are my views.


p.s. Also, Merchant was right to send that article, because I am sure it hits really close to home, instead of just writing about the typical Whyville stuff.



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