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Time for a Textbook?

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Time for a Textbook?

Guest Writer

I read Merchant's article, and all I can say is, wow. Immediately after I read that article I ran to my mail program to reply.

Now then, allowing someone to bring in a video of someone dissecting an animal is already useless. There have been scientists, who are professional, that have already done the dirty work. Forgive me if you feel I'm wrong, but we don't always need hands-on work. To me, this case would be better learned out of a textbook.

Next year I am going to be forced to dissect a cat. I'll have to cut open a animal normally considered a family pet, or my grade will suffer. I'm opposed to this, but I can do nothing. I'm going to be in a very large, new school; I honestly don't think that the teachers are going to listen to me.

As for vegetarian meals at school, yes, I think it's a good idea. I'm not vegetarian, but I hardly get enough portions with the entire meal, and I seriously doubt that vegetarians get enough to last an hour.

Then again, I also don't believe that killing animals for necessary things is completely wrong. Right now, in the United States, there are more deer than in pioneer times. Our country is being overrun, and there are hardly enough predators aside from humans to deal with this.

To City Hall, thank you for the alternatives, I'll mention them to a few people and see if we can't get something started. Once again, thanks to Merchant for bringing up a forgotten, but nevertheless important issue.




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