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Perfect School

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There is a saying "nothing is perfect". People do not know the meaning of "perfect". They are implying that they do. That it's something completely free from faults or defects. We all desire 'perfection' in everything. Yet, we do not even know the definition of that simple word we all work hard for. It's fiercely overrated and non-existent to some, but to others, it's what they've ever known and wanted.

So how can we create a perfect school, if "perfect" does not exist? It's simple, really. We can't. A school cannot be perfect, due to people's mind set. We continue to let down students for not being as "bright" as other pupils. It's harder to get a job, degree and earn enough money to survive now-a-days, and will only continue to get harder. School would be much more important to me if people actually did their job properly. Instead, they rely on money and a few excellent students, that probably won't get that far in life, because they are used to looking down on others and not realizing, they're not the best.

Nobody is fully responsible for a child's learning, but they could gain a lot more intelligence if we did not have teachers who consider their job a daunting chore that they need to keep, just for a couple of extra numbers in their bank account. It irritates me that they do not think twice about the things they are teaching. They take orders, and make us learn a bunch of fancy words and formulas, because it's supposed to help us. The older generation says they are 'working' on raising a genius. There is nothing optimistic.

Humans may be the smartest thing to live, but they are pretty stupid to me. We have discovered so much and we can do so much, yet we do so little. No principal, teacher, parent or human being is willing to change the way we students learn. All because of fear. Fear is the mind killer. It's what is stopping us from growing.


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