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Remaking on Whyville is one of the most controversial topics that this site has seen. Remaking is when a user copies a design that has previously been made by another user, usually using a program or going pixel by pixel to get an exact replica of the design. There are many different views on this topic; some view this as "plagiarism" while others find it to be "a cheaper alternative". I decided to ask a few users how they feel about remaking on Whyville and to no surprise I got an overwhelming amount of great answers. These users shared how they personally feel about the topic of remaking, whether it would be a positive, negative or neutral view. Let's get into it!

DahCutie: Do you view remakes as good, bad, or are you indifferent?

AliChic: I agree with both sides so indifferent.
Woodlande: They are okay.
Nicenfun: Personally, I am very against remakes for a variety of reasons. However, I can understand why others are for remakes or indifferent about the issue.
Funkchik1: I am neutral on remakes. Remakes allow people who don't have enough clams for the original part to buy it. I know most designers that get their parts remade get angry, but I don't understand why the original designer doesn't just restock their parts. This would stop remakes because everyone would be able to buy the part if it was in stock. Who cares about a part being "rare". They're JUST pixels!
MeBeLizzi: I personally don't have a problem with remakes, I think it would be a very flattering experience. It makes it easier for new users to blend in with our society.
Nhlwhl: In my opinion remakes are bad.

DahCutie: Why do you think Remakes are so controversial on Whyville?

AliChic: I think there are so many different opinions because Whyville is a big community and everyone has different views of things.
Woodlande: They are controversial because designers don't like for their work to be stolen, and rares decrease in value if they are remade.
Nicenfun: I believe remakes are so controversial because everyone has their own view on it. Some people believe it is unfair and plagiarism, while some believe it is helping the Whyville community. Like always, everyone is entitled to their own opinion!
Funkchik1: I think that remakes are so controversial on Whyville because the original designers of the remade parts put a lot of time, effort and creativity into their design, and they obviously don't want that taken away from them.
MeBeLizzi: Honestly, everything is controversial on Whyville. I think that somebody needed something to bash on, so they chose remakes.
Nhlwhl: Some people see it as no big deal that parts are getting remade because they're cheaper while others see it as being annoying.

DahCutie: What is your personal view on remakes? Do you find them to be a cheaper alternative, flattering, plagiarism, etc?

AliChic: I don't wear them but I think they are nice so a new person can wear it instead of the newbish parts. Everyone makes a big deal about them but if the real ones didn't go for so high then everyone could afford the actual thing. It happens in the real world, there are knock offs to things that I'm sure many Whyvillans use, I don't really see a problem with it. I see where designers are coming from about their designs being stolen, but there is nothing we can do to prevent it.
Woodlande: It's all about the price for me. People like low prices. I have enough clams to afford a rare part, but why should I spend the clams I saved when the same part is sitting in Akbar's for 50 clams? I don't care who the part was made by, if I like it I buy it.
Nicenfun: In my opinion, I believe remakes are a form of plagiarism. The original designer put their own time, dedication, creativity and hard work into their face parts and someone just comes around and remakes an identical copy of it? It isn't allowed in the real world, so it shouldn't be allowed here since Whyville tries to educate their users on real life situations.
Funkchik1: I think that remakes are good for people that can't afford the original part but want it, but bad for the designers of the original part.
MebeLizzi: Like I said above, I don't have a problem with it, in fact, I think it to be extremely flattering.
Nhlwhl: I think of them as plagiarism because the remakers are copying the original design and putting their name on it which is not at all fair to the designer who took lots of time to think about the specific design and create it.

DahCutie: How do you think that designers feel about their parts being remade? Would they be flattered or offended or do you think that they wouldn't care?

AliChic: Most of them take it pretty hard and don't like it.
Woodlande: They are angry about it, of course. I completely understand why they get upset, nobody likes a copycat.
Nicenfun: I'm sure all designers have their own view and feelings about their face parts being remade. There are probably some out there who don't care because they know deep down they created the original, but I know other designers are offended and refuse to design because they don't want their artwork to be, in a sense, stolen.
Funkchik1: I think that most designers feel like remakers plagiarize their parts when they are remade. But honestly, they are just pixels.
MeBeLizzi: I know that most designers think of remakes as "stealing", but as an amateur designer myself, I think that if someone liked my design enough to remake it, I would probably throw a party.
Nhlwhl: I think that if it's only a part or two that's remade they wouldn't really care but if many parts get remade then it?s like stop it.

DahCutie: Do you think that Whyville should outlaw remakes? Why or why not?

AliChic: No, because it gives the citizens who can't afford the originals to have something nice to make them fit in and not get made fun of. On this site if you don't at look a little decent some people get their feelings hurt which is ridiculous. If the original parts didn't go for so much I'm sure they would very much rather have them instead.
Woodlande: I don't care if they do or not. People would be much happier if remakes were outlawed, so maybe they should be!
Nicenfun: Yes, I believe Whyville should put a stop to remakes. Like I said earlier, Whyville is an educational website and teaches users real life situations. Plagiarism is not acceptable in the real world, so Whyville should uphold to that and have remaking be a severe punishable offense like it would generally.
Funkchik1: Yes, and no. To be honest, Whyville is just a game, this isn't real life. I realize that designers don't want their parts remade, however there are more important things on Whyville that should be done, and to outlaw remakes, would take forever and never get done!
MeBeLizzi: Whyville can do whatever they want with remakes. I honestly wouldn't care if they were gone, but I also don't mind that they're here. I use remakes all the time!
Nhlwhl: I think they should be outlawed because like I said it's unfair to the designers and for the people who like collecting rares, they don't want a remake copy out there. Plus a few designers restock their things every once in awhile so people who can't afford to buy expensive rares and buy these because they look good and are original.

DahCutie: Why do you think remakers choose to remake parts rather than designing their own?

AliChic: Honestly, I think they only do it to make the designers mad and complaining about it only makes them want to do it that much more.
Woodlande: To make the designer/people who trade rares angry . . . or because they just don't have enough creativity to design good parts.
Nicenfun: Remakers all have their own reasons. Some said they want rare face parts to be more affordable for Whyvillians who can't afford the original; some are just clam-hungry and don't want to take the time to create their own designs to make a profit and a reputable name for themselves. I think it is unacceptable.
Funkchik1: I think that remakers choose to remake parts rather than designing their own because they want to make clams, can't design on their own, or perhaps the designer won't restock it because the original part is "rare".
MeBeLizzi: Why do singers and bands choose to cover other bands instead of writing their own songs? It's a question with unlimited answers.
Nhlwhl: Maybe cause they're too lazy to think of their own idea. I'm not quite sure.

The various opinions from these Whyvillians has been interesting to see the different points of views. Remaking has been around on Whyville for years, but I noticed this year even more attention has been brought to it. People have developed their own opinions and they are usually pretty strong about them. I hope that this has opened your eyes to the different views, not just your own.

Author's Note: I know some of the responses are rather long, but I felt it was necessary to include their whole point of view because it wouldn't be as understandable.


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