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Confessions of an Ugly Girl

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Some may say
That we are ugly
Some may say
That we are fat
Some may even go as far as to make comments
"Man the harpoons!" And
"Have a salad!"

We are the ugly girls
We are the ones who suffer
All day, every day
And it's about time you people knew
How we feel

Our days start out
Waking up
That precious moment were we don't yet know
That we must assume our positions as underdogs
As the shadows that creep across the wall
As the undesirable friend
We do not yet know
That we aren't good enough

We get up, get dressed
We see our bodies
No matter what shape they really are
We glare at them with hatred
Wishing, wishing
That they would change
As if they could suddenly morph
Into that perfect figure
We saw on a Victoria's Secret angel
She's an angel, we think
We must become like her

We put on clothes
At least now were covered
Our clothes aren't the best
We know they can only do so much
To make us look even decent

Shuffling to the mirror
We are stricken
By the hideous face
In our reflection
We can instantly pick out
The things we hate
Nose too big
Eyes too far apart
Skin too blotchy
We want to smash the mirror

Some of us smother our faces with makeup
In hopes that it will hide us
Like a mask
Some of us leave it as it is
And just sulk away

And school
Oh, school!
As we arrive, we shrug our shoulders
Stare at the ground
We can sense the eyes judging us
Surely they are thinking
Every laugh released
Every word spoken
Must be about us
They are all making fun

We rush to meet the friends
Some of us are lucky enough to have
They greet us
Beneath our smiles
We secretly drool over their features
Wishing to look like that

And so the cycle repeats
Like a bad song stuck forever on replay
Sometimes it spikes
A comment is thrown our way

The people
They don't know
They don't know the pain we feel
When they snicker at us
Or find the idea of us ever dating
A pure joke

They don't know the jealousy
They we must hide
Every time we see a pretty girl

What is pretty?
Go ahead!
Define it!
What can you come up with?
Shapely face?
Smooth hair?
Flat stomach?
Bright eyes?

Yeah. That is all you can come up with.
Because you're shallow.
People nowadays cannot see
Beneath the surface
When they look at us
They see an ugly girl
Average, at best
They see our flaws
They don't notice
That that girl has stunning deep blue eyes
They only notice that her thighs meet.
They don't notice that that boy has a heart of gold
They only see the acne that splatters his face

Well let me tell you something!
You may not know this
But you aren't perfect either
Everyone is someone else's "other people"
You think we don't notice your flaws?
We do.
We just realize our own as well
And become consumed in them

And while we're at it
What is ugly???
Define that!
Better, define it without sounding like a total jerk
You can't do it, can you?
That's because if you even have the word ugly in your vocabulary
If you've ever called someone ugly
Or made a comment about them
Hey, I'm no angel either
We all do things that aren't nice
But some people just take the boundaries
Chew them up
And barf them up in people's faces

Lemme tell you something
Ugly isn't when you weigh too much
Ugly isn't when your face doesn't fit in a cookie cutter
Is when you make others
Feel not good enough
Because then you have an ugly soul
And that ugly just seeps out from within
And radiates all over those around you
That's ugly

And so many people
Too many people
Will never understand
What ugly truly is

They live their whole lives
In the shallow end
Splashing around with the babies
But if you are blessed enough
To be given flaws
God is tossing you in the deep end
Where you've got to learn to swim
If you want to stay up
Then, once you've got the hang of it
You can look over at the full grown adults
Standing in the water knee deep
And laugh

So go ahead
Point at us
Laugh at us
Because you will never reach us
All the way out here
In real life

And if you dare
To call us ugly
To attack us
Because its happened to you
Well then get the heck out of the pool

These are the confessions of the ugly girls
Many of you listening to this poem
Or reading this poem
Can relate
You know who you are

These are the confessions of the ugly girls
And before today
No one


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