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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

by Shelly1
Guest Writer

In this book Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione are up against Sirus Black!

Harry finds out what really happened to his parents. They find out that Sirus was framed by Peter Pettigrew, and Peter is Ron's rat Scabbers.

For Christmas Harry gets a broom called the Firebolt, but no one knows who gave the broom to Harry. Hermione is so worried about him, she thinks that it's jinxed and that Sirus Black sent it to him. She thinks that in his next match the broom could start acting up and Harry could get hurt or maybe............die. She tells her teacher Professor McGonagal, and she takes the broom away!

Harry gets so mad at her he would not talk to her. And to make matters worse Hagrid's pet Buckbeck is going to be executed for thrashing Malfoy's leg! Hagid warned him not to insult him!

Also Hermione has too many classes. To get to them all on time she had to get something called a time turner. The time turner allows hermione to go back in time to do a class that she had to do at that time. Hermione has so much homework and is under so much stress she runs to her room crying in the middle of the party when Harry tries to apologize.

My favorite part is when Harry and Hermione save Sirus Black (after they find out that he was innoccent) from the dementor's Kiss, which sucks the soul out of you and you are just a body but you are still alive.

Harry's favorite teacher turns out to be a werewolf!

To find out more about this book, pick it up at a book store near you. Just a note: this book has won 5 awards and is part of a highly popular book series.


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