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So here where I'm at, summer is coming to an end. That means no more late night talks, no more parties, and even no more sleeping in. As much as it disappoints me, I wanted to know what other students thought about going back to school, so I asked them some questions.

Hotalex4u: When does school start for you?

Barbie94: September 3rd.
KandHShow: August 15th!
Cows2cute: Mine starts on the 1st of September.
Hammiehh: School starts September 3rd.

Hotalex4u: What are you most excited for this upcoming school year?

Barbie94: It will be my first year of college. I will also be living by myself in a new city. It's both exciting and nerve racking.
KandHShow: I'm excited to start looking into colleges (with some help because that's beyond confusing).
Cows2cute: I'm really excited about starting fresh, making new friends, and getting to know my new teachers! I'm also VERY excited to go school shopping!
Hammiehh: I'm super excited 'cause I'm not a freshy anymore (in high school)! hehe. Also, I'll be having drawing and painting as my 0 period which will start my day off awesome and softball will end my day which will be great!

Hotalex4u: What grade are you going into?

Barbie94: I am starting my first year of college for dental assisting.
KandHShow: 11th grade. Go class of 2015!
Cows2cute: I'm going into 6th grade.
Hammiehh: I'm going into 10th grade Sophmore!! WOOPWOOP

Hotalex4u: What are the yays and nays about going back to school?

Barbie94: Back when I was in high school you were able to see your friends everyday. I guess the negative would be homework haha, and not being able to do whatever you wanted throughout the day.
KandHShow: The yays - not as much boredem, more time with your friends, and you get to meet new people. The nays - Not as much time for Whyville!
Cows2cute: I think the "yays" are getting to meet new people, starting new and refreshed and alive, and you also have your set goals and methods for staying organized in school, etc. The "nays" for me is just knowing that eventually, there'll be drama, like always.
Hammiehh: Yays: Friends, Art, sports, Math! Nays: English

Hotalex4u: Since school is near, have you gone clothes shopping yet? Where are your favorite places to shop?

Barbie94: All my money this year has gone towards a tuition, new car, apartment and living expenses, so I don't really have anything for new clothes. I do enjoy thrift shopping though.
KandHShow: I have gone school shopping. I really like Burlington Coat Factorty, because they have a lot of cute clothes for pretty cheap. Zumies, Jounerys, and Spencers also have a lot of cute clothes.
Cows2cute: We have uniforms in our school, but if we didn't, I'd shop at Forever 21, H&M or somewhere that is affordable but stylish.
Hammiehh: I haven't shopped for school clothes yet I'll being that in the middle of the month or even towards the end. I really like going to Tillys, Hot Topic, and the Vans outlet.

This is Hotalex4u, and I am signing out.


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