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Book Review: Eleanor and Park

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Oh, where to begin . . . This book is absolutely fabulous. Taking place through an entire school year, Rainbow narrates in the third person point of view for both Eleanor and Park, alternating throughout the entire novel.

Eleanor just moved back in with her mom and stepdad. She's very awkward, not really into socializing, and she doesn't fit in very well. Her stepfather is an alcoholic, abusive, and never really does anything nice for anyone.

On her first day of school, Park lets her sit next to him on the bus. They begin to share comics, while still not speaking. Finally one day he calls her his girlfriend, and well, that's that!

Eleanor and Park become inseparable. He can't stand it when people at school make fun of her, and whoever is writing those nasty things on her school books is at the top of his list of least favorite people.

One day, Eleanor finds herself in a situation where she needs to leave. Park helps her, and tries to convince her that it isn't goodbye forever, just for a little while.

The emotional journey that this book takes you on is unbelievable. I found many similarities to myself in both Eleanor and Park. The ending is perfectly heartbreaking, yet satisfying, and if there was room for a sequel, I wouldn't hesitate to read that.

Over all, Rainbow has written a magical high school love story that takes you back to the 1980's, on a journey with two teens who love punk rock music, being different, and each other.

Highlights of this book:

- It's a love story! (I'm such a sucker for romances . . .)
- Funny! (It's full of sarcastic remarks, and just pure humor.)
- Keeps you on your toes (You never know how the next page is going to turn out. Eleanor and Park's relationship is perfectly unpredictable.)

Sore Spots:

- Mature content (Definitely a lot of that going on in here. If you don't like that, don't read this book.)
- Tearjerker. (although I would classify tearjerker to be a highlight, most people don't normally ENJOY books that make you cry.)

Overall Rating:

9 out of 10

Read this book, it will change your life.


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