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This very talented person can often be seen sporting a pink tiara, wandering around the Forums and helping solving problems. Yes, you've got it! It has to be Queen Monet!

Monet1616 is a very well-known and intelligent Whyvillian. Although, I do not know her very well, I have observed her when she discusses things in the Forums and she has had an influence on my daily life. Monet is very good at arguing her case and often, when I believe in something, someone says something that makes me agree with them. At times like these, I think of Monet1616 and how, even if there is a big crowd against her, she will stand up for what she believes in and remains adamant that what she believes is true.

Monet1616 has inspired many people, not just myself. Her good attitude to life and open-mindedness gives her credit. She isn't afraid to be different, and isn't often seen going with what the majority says.

Monet can also be found helping others. She is one of the biggest contributors to solving peoples' problems, along with Delp and Nicenfun. She gives helpful - sometimes witty - answers that help people when they really need it.

I think that Monet is an amazing person, although (as I said earlier) I do not know her personally. Here she is:


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