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Movie Review: Man of Steel

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Growing up, Superman was, by far, my favorite superhero. He had all of these abilities that he used for greatness. I had seen all of the movies by the time I was of age ten. So seeing the preview for this new Superman movie caught my eye from the start. I had seen them all, so why not continue that streak with my favorite hero?

The story begins in an unstable world, Krypton, where Jor-El and his wife, Lara, live. After General Zod, the warlord of Krypton, and his followers dispose the council, they go after Jor-El and Lara, who have just had the first natural-born child of Krypton in centuries, Kal-El. When realizing what would soon become of Krypton along with the war that Zod let loose, Jor-El and Lara reluctantly place their child in a spacecraft that is set to travel to Earth. When General Zod comes to stop the spacecraft from leaving, he murders Jor-El and was unable to stop the spacecraft from leaving the doomed planet. After being captured and arrested, Zod and his followers are banished to the Phantom Zone. Krypton explodes as predicted and they are freed and on the hunt for Kal-El.

Meanwhile, Kal-El lands in Smallville, Kansas, where he will be raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent and obtain a new name, Clark Kent. Since Clark has a Kryptonian build, he isn't used to Earth's nature, so he has difficulties throughout his childhood, but as he gets older, he learns how to control his abilities and use them to help others.

After Jonathan's death, Clark spent his life going from place to place, job to job, coping with his loss. He eventually finds a Kryptonian spaceship that allows him to talk to his real father, Jor-El. A journalist, Lois Lane, discovers Clark and the spaceship and begins to write an expose. After hearing his story, she decides to drop the whole thing, keeping his secret.

After years of searching, General Zod and his followers land on Earth, where they are sure that Kal-El resides. They give the humans a proposition: Either hand in Kal-El, or have Earth demolished. How do you think our beloved Superman will take this? Do you think that he'll turn himself in to save mankind? Do you think Zod will keep his promise if he does? I know you have these questions if you haven't seen it. So I suggest that you do exactly that!

On a scale of on to ten, one being the worst, ten being the best, I would rate this movie an eight. The story was interesting and very action-packed, but I felt like some of the truth was taken out. Since the first movie, I've always picture Krypton as a more "crystal"-looking place. In this movie, it was different. The way that Jonathan Kent died wasn't how I liked. He died a hero, but it took away from the story that I remember. In the original, Jonathan died of a heart attack. Also, they had Clark steal some clothes after his little run-in with the burning oil rig. The Clark Kent that I know wouldn't steal. Even with some flaws that I see personally, I would still recommend this movie to anyone that loves action, thrill, and fun!


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