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911 Trouble

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911 Trouble

Guest Writer

Hey, it's blueyez89 here, worried about everything that's going on today on Whyville!

Listen up!

There's this girl going around Whyville asking if people want a makeover... harmless, right? NO WAY!!! Once you say yes, she goes, "ok gimme your password, then get off for 10 minutes." YEA RIGHT! Now I didn't fall for this, but I wanted to let all of you know! Watch out for her!

I'm also here today to talk about another issue in Whyville. Today two criminals came up to me... the first one I made sure fit in with all the standards of a 911 report, and after filling out the sheet I felt relived that that Whyvillian was reported and under investigation! But then when I tried to report the second and more dangerous criminal, I found I couldn't!!! What is that about? So, I tried to get friends to report her for me, but I couldn't seem to. So what am I supposed to do now? Huh?

I think Whyville shouldn't limit the number of times you can report someone. Do you agree?

This is blueyez, sending this message to the Times, hoping it gets in! *click*


Note from City Hall: Good question! We've limited the number of 911 reports that people can submit because we don't want to be overwhelmed with frivolous reports. Not all citizens are as conscientious as you, unfortunately. In fact, a whole lot of the reports we get don't really need our attention -- folks just don't read the instructions very well!

Now, for those outstanding citizens who really respect and know how to use the 911 report, we are starting try-outs for the first phase of the Whyville Patrol. Citizens who consistently use the 911 report in the right situations over the next week or so will be given additional freedoms (and therefore responsibilities!), including the ability to report more than one person at a time. Read this week's lead article to learn more!

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