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Sellers, Beware!

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I love the Style Studio. Doing makeovers, making money, buying, it's so fun! But, as I'm selling, every once in awhile, someone might try to trick me out of a rare. It's mean, and very frustrating. To keep other sellers in the know, I've written some of the most popular ways people might trick you out of your rares.

One of the most popular ways that Whyvillans will try to get advantage of you is "My trading post doesn't work!" Trust me, it most likely does work. Trading Post does not require java, and if is doesn't load, all they have to do is refresh the page. Never let someone buy a rare from your Style Studio with the promise that they will send you a rare through ymail, or send you Whycash. Believe me, you will never hear from them again, much less get a rare or clams in return. I saw one of the people that had cheated me out of rares after they had bought them for the Style Studio price. Here is a record of our conversation.

Dreamgr22: Hey! What about the rares you promised me? You never opened your Style Studio!
Her: Oh ya. I will send them to you as a gift. kk?
Dreamgr22: Can you do it now?
Her: I will do it! KK?

And, not surprisingly, I never got the rares.

If someone asks to look at one of your rares in Style Studio, say no. It's very easy to just buy the rare as soon as you put it on them in the Style Studio. I learned this the hard way. I lost my favorite rare, because I accidentally let them buy it for the Style Studio price. Instead, let them see for themselves who made the part and what is is called. Tell them that all they have to do is move their mouse over the item, and it has the the information they need. The item's name, the name of the maker, etc.

Another way people might get a free rare is by telling you the part is back in stock. I have had countless people try this on me. Once, a girl offered me two hundred clams for a rare. I said no. I went to Akbar's and the item was not in stock. It was still work a few thousand clams. If you want another way to address this, you can tell them you will think about it and ymail them with your answer. Before you ymail them, make sure the part is in stock.

I interviewed several people around Whyville about these problems,

Dreamgr22: I've seen you do a lot of makeovers and such in the Style Studio, has anyone tried to take advantage of you in the Style Studio? Tried to trick you into giving you a "free" rare?
Qu3nCleo: Yes multiple times.
Dreamgr22: Have you ever fallen for it?
Qu3nCleo: No, because I have heard them trying on parts.
Dreamgr22: Have you ever tried to get a free rare?
Qu3nCleo: No I just buy them.
Dreamgr22: Has anyone told you their Trading Post hasn't worked?
Qu3nCleo: YES. They tell me it does not work, and for me to put it on them in the Style Studio and that they will Whycash me.
Dreamgr22: Thanks! It was great meeting you!

Dreamgr22: Do you open your Style Studio often?
Chanbbz: Yea, whenever I'm on Whyville I try to open.
Dreamgr22: Has anyone tried to trick you into giving you a rare for the Style Studio price?
Chanbbz: Yes it happened today! She wanted to try it on and I fell for it.
Dreamgr22: Awe I'm sorry! It happened to me today too. Have you ever tried to get a free rare?
Chanbbz: No I always buy them.
Dreamgr22: Good for you! Thanks for your help!

Well, that's it for today! Remember, if a deal is to good to be true, it probably is. It's sad but, most of the time, true. In most cases, you can not get your part back so be very careful. Lastly, no matter how much you want a certain part, NEVER just steal it. It's flat out mean. Let's keep the Style Studio a fun place to earn money and meet new people!


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