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Back to School Time

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Everybody is going to start school in these few weeks and I wanted to compose a article about it since it is a special event. There are always those mixed feelings you get when you wake up on the first day of school. I'm glad that I get to see all of my friends and all but this will make me super busy again. I don't really get that time to myself besides late night because I have a lot of work. But you have to work hard to get further, am I right?

It's time to get back together with that community that you always called your second home. There will always be relaxing breaks where you can do whatever you would like. I have to quit a lot of my interests because of school and this was my own choice. It's hard to leave a hobby that you like to do but where will you get in life if you don't get up and try?

A new school year is like a new life in my opinion. You can start off fresh with a new reputation and new life. It gives you a chance to make more friends and you got to admit, school does help our social status out. Nobody likes working for hours but it will help out when you see the result.

Good luck to all of you that are starting school this year! If you need any help then feel free to y-mail me any time! Oh and as a side note, this is my first article so please feel free to tell me how I did and if I missed anything.



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