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Dangerous Life

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Glass bursts on the surrounding cobbled pathway sending a thick cloud of dust in its trace. The piercing noise of the window being smashed echoed throughout the empty town square. I coughed and spluttered on the chocking cloud frantically waving away its presence.

"You alrigh' there Avery?" Hector questioned his voice laced with a heavy country accent.

Squinting through the clearing cloud I quickly nodded.

"You sure we'll be able to fit through that?" I commented staring at the window with a concerned look. My small petite body let alone Hector's lean tall frame will be able to fit through the jaggered gap.

Hector smirked flicking back one of his brown curls. A quick glint of emotion passed through his green eyes and before I soon realized what he was doing I was already tossed through the window. Landing on my back.

"See told ya' we?d fit Av, nothing to worry about when I'm here." He grinned leaping gracefully through the gap. Scoffing at him I stood up brushing away a blanket of dust on my back.

"God this place is so dusty and old," I groaned surveying the small second hand shop with only a few wooden tables, plastic chairs thrown around and a couple of hand knitted jumpers strewn across the creaky boards. The cramped walls were a dirty cream colour and the room smelt of damp mold. "You couldn't have picked a better place could you Hec?"

"We've stayed in worse Av," Hector sighed dropping his backpack on a table. It was true. Ever since I was eight, running away from home with Hector after witnessing our parents being murdered at a family dinner. We've helped each for 9 years Staying in abandoned buildings or shops, some days if we were lucky and could afford it we'd stay in motels. Trying to find jobs was hard and no one would take us in. So we'd have to sing out on the streets or do small jobs for people to earn food and clothing money. Two years ago we have had men follow us around. Trying to take us with them. Refusing them we'd raced off from New York to live in another state. Hector was a brother to me, we looked after each other.

"Better get some sleep it's nearly midnight and we have a big day tomorrow. Trekking, oh how fun!" Sarcasm noted.

Rolling my eyes at him I twisted my red hair into a tight bun and stripped off my jumper leaving me in a tank top and old jeans.

"You set up the blankets the blankets on the ground. I'm just going to go get my satchel from outside the shop."

"Careful Av," Hector scowled sternly as he began to arrange the blankets. "Sure, sure," I waved him off exiting the building. The weather was hot. Beads of sweat formed across my hairline and upper lip. The temperature was well over 27 degrees.

"Dang it! Where's my satchel?" I mentally scowled myself for misplacing my only belongings carelessly . Although I was positive they'd be here where I last left them.

"Looking for this my dear Avery Clarkson."

Gingerly spinning around to the unfamiliar voice I saw who it was . . .

Oh no.


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