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Sometimes it's nice to take a walk down Whyville memory lane to look back on the things I've done, people I've met, and events that have taken place. There are always certain moments that stick out most, of course, like late night games of truth or dare or going on a full costume sunroof raid. Of course, these unforgettable escapades could never have happened without great friends to take part in the excitement. I've met a lot of great people who have come and gone throughout my little Whyville past, although very few I've come to know as the truly outstanding, "best friend you can count on" type. PAlNTlNG, though, without a doubt has taken a spot in my Whyville memory books as one of these awesome people!

Alex, who's actually asking me what article I'm writing as I type (surprise, surprise!), is a sweet, upbeat, go-getter who's always willing to make new friends! This born and raised New Yorker loves hanging out with her friends and is super intuitive. It's not rare you'll find her at Tables picking up a new Spanish, or even Latvian word or phrase. Alex celebrates her sweet 16 on no other day than this very August 18th! In recognition of this special day, a few of her friends wanted to wish her a 'Happy Birthday'!

As you can see, Alex has made quite a few Whyville companions, in addition to her real life friends, even in the short time that she's been back from her break. It's clearly no surprise, due to her sweet, loyal personality and extreme generosity. Whether it be Christmas, birthdays, or selfless donations, you'll see this girl go above and beyond the expected for her friends. Despite Alex's giving nature, her avatars are always unique and stylish, and she's always sporting something trendy, like Dell parts *wink wink*.

In the blur of days gone by on Whyville, sometimes it can be difficult to remember how exactly you met certain friends, but I'm one of the few who can say I'm lucky enough to have a screenshot of how I met Alex. I was doing a report of Whyville's 12th birthday party for the Times when I met this awesome friend during a game of musical chairs. I hadn't even meant to get our usernames in there, but it turned out to be a fortunate mistake! The picture is actually still up in my "Happy Birthday Whyville!" article from forever ago. At the time, she was a nice, faceless girl playing a game of musical chairs, but I'm glad to say we soon became pretty great friends.

We've made trouble, shared laughs, and had a disagreement or two, but I can definitely say Alex has been a great friend to me on Whyville, and I know many others can say so too. If you're ever looking for a loyal friend to confide in or a ready-for-anything cohort for fun, PAlNTlNG is certainly the girl to go to. Happy birthday, Alex, and enjoy your special day!


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