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Look Closely, Help Yourself!

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Look Closely, Help Yourself!

Guest Writer

Hey everybody! Guess what? Schools out, time for some fun! Bet ya'll will be on Whyville a lot to pass those boring, hot summer days. Speaking of boredom, you will be bored if your account gets hacked, so play it safe!

It seems like it's common these days for hackers to write those 'City Hall Needs Your Password' Y-mails. Don't be fooled, study (and I mean study) those Y-mails. Before you even think about giving up your password, just study!!

Here's a Good Example:

    This is very IPORTANT!! There is hackers everywhere on Whyville. And my staff membersand I are trying to stop them. We need YOUR help!! All we need is your password so we can put a special code on your name, so that hackers can't hack you. Soon we will get a code on everyones name. Sp please help me, just email us your password.
    Whyville Manager.

So what did you notice?

The spelling. Always look for spelling errors. The Whyville staff isn't perfect, but I know they can spell, plus I'm sure they double check their work.

The key words. City Hall already knows your password, and they announce all Whyville changes in the Times. Plus, is there really a way we can prevent all hackers?

The signature. Whyville Manager? That's new. City Hall is the main person who works for Whyville; I don't think we have a Whyville manager. Editor's Note: Nope, no manager!

So, next time you receive one of those letters, don't be tempted to send your pass. Also, tell your friends about it to see if they got the same thing, and keep 'em updated!

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