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What To Do

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What To Do

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Hey, this is Sonner again, here with ways to prevent the incredible amount of scams going through Whyville at this time.

First off, if you receive something through Y-mail and think it's a scam and you don't know what to do, find someone who knows lots about Whyville and ask them. Some Whyvillians who didn't know what to do with the scams they were getting sent them to me so I could look at them.

The best thing to do right now is to hold onto that nasty Y-mail and email city-management/@whyville.net. Or you could tell one of the City Workers, City Hall, mark, jen, turnip, superid, origami and Bigfoot. (Sorry if I missed any City Workers.) When I receive a scam, I look at who sent the scam and then I go to City Records and look them up. This is what I usually see...

    ****** is a boy/girl.
    He/she hasn't visited Whyville (or maybe once or twice since */*/2002).
    He/she earns 0 clams a day.
    ****** doesn't have a plot yet.
    ****** says:

That's basically what I see. Obviously these hackers create these new accounts, then make all these scams to send them to Whyvillians. Obviously these people create these new accounts because they are too afraid to send it from their real account! I think they are just afraid of being punished. But I bet hardly any Whyvillian falls for these scams these days.

Just stay safe and never give out your password, whether you're in Whyville or any other chat site.

Till next time. This is Sonner. Bye!



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