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Candy for Dinner (And Other Adult Things)

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With September 4th on the horizon I can just make out this whirlwind of change that is about to engulf my 5 foot 3 frame. Not only is the fourth my birthday, meaning I am officially an "adult", it also means the day I am officially moved into my new home, in a new city where I know absolutely no one to follow my film making passion in college.

Being an adult is a weird mixture of things. Actual grown up things and other messy things you try not to talk about. Sometimes you pay bills, while other times you are spending money you don't have on bare necessities. Sometimes being home alone is the best thing in the world, and other times it completely freaks you out; especially at night. Sometimes you eat candy for dinner . . . I ate candy for dinner tonight.

I always thought growing up was this gradual adaptation where you get better and better at handling things but it's not like that at all. Having my parents in heaven makes it all the much harder, I always thought they would be there for all the questions I'd have about life. Questions like how to cook the things only our mothers know how to make but we love to devour, how to change the oil in the car, and HOW IN THE WORLD do I file my taxes?? I never bothered to ask my parents because I expected them to always be here, but now here I am relying on Google searches.

The thing about growing up is sometimes you have it together while other times you are a total mess, and sometimes you are eating candy for dinner.


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