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Last month was my first day of high school. I was starting in a whole new school district, mostly new people, all new teachers, and a totally different environment. Before school started I vowed to myself I'd straighten my hair every day, never wear sweats to school, wear make up everyday, and I would stay away from anyone who could ruin my reputation. I really wanted to fit in, and I wanted to hang with the cool kids. I didn't want to be that new girl from the private school. I wanted to fit right in!

Clothing shopping this year for school was totally different for me. I bought all name brand clothes, and all dress clothes. I didn't buy any new yoga pants or anything to be lazy in at school. When school came around I pulled out my Hollister T-shirt and skin tight jeans and got ready for school. I straightened my hair until every tiny little wave was out, and I did my make up exactly the way I needed it to fit in! I was all set to go and make new friends!

I got to school and realized that there were many different types of cool. There were the country kids who wore a t-shirt, old ripped jeans, and cow-boy boots to school. Then there were the girls who wore dresses and skirts, and people who came in sweats and t-shirt. There were many different styles, personalities, and friends for me to choose from.

I wanted to find a group of friends and stick with them all year long. I wanted to be that group of friends that you would see on Instagram all in a row holding hands with a hashtag reading #BFFS. I wanted to be that girl that as soon as someone saw me they'd think "Oh, isn't she that chick with that group of friends? Man, they're all pretty!" As soon as I got to school I realized I didn't want to be that anymore. I was going to dress to be myself on the second day of school. If someone couldn't accept me because of that then it's their loss. There are many different types of kids who will accept me.

I urge you all to be yourself throughout this year! Even if you aren't in high school, it's still important to be yourself. Don't change for someone. You are you, and no one can top that!


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