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Hogwarts Cup: Dumble-Doppleganger

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Welcome back, fellow witches/wizards to another week of the Hogwarts Cup. As you might have realized, there was no issue in last week's time. This was due to the fact that when I mentioned "taking your time" on the precious edition, some of you certainly took my word for it!

However, I was more then glad to extend the deadline, due to the amazing birthday stories I received in return. I can easily picture some of the stories I received, being supplements to the series made by Rowling herself. One in particular, however, definitely took the cake (get it?).

HufflePuff witch, LoveMyWay sent me not one y-mail of her story, but FIVE individual parts of a long, entertaining birthday extravaganza. And for her successful endeavors, she will be receiving 100k as well as HufflePuff attire.

This week's challenge will consist of a beauty contest, for one of the most best-looking wizards of all time (no one quite looks as good as that at this age): Dumbledore! To participate in this contest, you will try to recreate Dumbledore's look and send me a ymail link of your avatar. I will reply to your ymail with "Albus" if I have received it, and you will be able to change back to your normal avatar.

And for the fun of it, I will be hosting a second BC you can enter in as well where you dress up as your all-time favorite Harry Potter character. The rules for participation are the same as above, BUT you will include 3+ sentences on why they are your favorite character. I will also reply to this ymail, letting you know that you can change back.

With these two mini-contests in this edition, we have the following prizes up for grabs:

Dumble-Doppleganger: 50k, house attire, 100 points to your house

All-Time Character: 50k, house attire, 100 points to your house

That is right, folks! This week there are 200 house points on the line. Will it be one house that claims all the points? Or will we have two winning houses this week? It is all in your hands.

The factors I will be judging in your looks are: How close they are to the character you intend, how original/creative the look is, and your rational on your character (for the All-Time contest only).

I wish you all the best of luck, and may the best house(s) win!

Author's Note: Scoreboard: Gryffindor: 100 Slytherin: 100 Ravenclaw: -- HufflePuff: 100


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