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First Day Back to School

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Summer is now over! The school year has begun for most of us. It's always interesting hearing about pupils' first days in school, how they feel about their new timetable and teachers. I began on the 4th of September, which is usually a lot later than students in the U.S. I really disliked my timetable and teachers, and the new stricter uniform policy. So my first day didn't go so well and I was almost half asleep in class. I interviewed a couple Whyvillians to find out their experiences on the first day back to school.

Honeybbz9: When did you return to school?

Angel9978: I returned to school on the 20th of August. Although it seems a bit early, I most likely would get out of school early too, so I don't really mind.
iLexii: September third, on a Tuesday.
Bibi4evr: August 19th.
Jadella: I returned back to school September 3rd.
TalijanaD: I returned school on September 3rd.
Zara1221: I returned schoo in the 30th of August, I know, very early.

Honeybbz9: What was it like going back to studying after your summer break?

Angel9978: It was a bit exhausting. Just the thought of homework on weekends can put me to sleep, not to mention the fact that I'm now in 12th grade and I have to prepare for college.
iLexii: It was fine, since no teacher gave us work! Except the math teacher!
Bibi4evr: It wasn't too bad this year, since my schedule is unfortunately too easy for my own good. The first week is always the adjustment week before we get back into the schedule mindset.
Jadella: Since its the first month we only do review so its not that bad.
TalijanaD: Well during the summer I was working every week from 8:45 to 4:30. So I didn't really consider it as taking a break. So there really wasn't anything different besides the fact that I'm getting taught what to do now and that I have homework instead of being a camp counselor.
Zara1221: It was tiring, and very hard, it will take me a good 2 weeks to get used to it.

Honeybbz9: Are you pleased with your new timetable?

Angel9978: I am rather pleased. I have many, although now all, classes with my friends. My teachers seem nice and I like that my study period is the end of the school day, so I could sort out my homework and maybe start on a few assignments.
iLexii: Not at all.
Bibi4evr: No, I am not. My previous schedules always had rigorous classes that kept me busy during the school year. And this year, my schedule came out so lax with subjects such as "No Class" or "Student Aide."
Jadella: I'm only in elementary school so we don't get a timetable.
TalijanaD: Yes, I'm very pleased with my timetable because I got to choose the classes that I wanted to take since I'm now in grade 11. I have 4 periods each day of the same class this semester, and the classes I chose were Art, Entrepreneurship, Accounting & English.
Zara1221: I guess, I wanted more English and less P.E.

Honeybbz9: Overall, how was your first day of school?

Angel9978: My first day of school was full of reunions. My friends and I didn't hang out very much this summer since I was on vacation for about a third of the break. I was nervous about the classes I was going to take, but soon I realized that many people I know are in those classes and my studies aren't overwhelming.
iLexii: Fun, most kids are new, since my school is k-8 and people from k-6 schools, reached grade 7, they had to move here.
Bibi4evr: My first day was definitely exciting! It was my first last day after all. It was great seeing some of the people I was unable to hang out with during summer due to vacations.
Jadella: The first day was fun because we played games all day.
TalijanaD: My first day of school was okay. We basically went through the rules in every single class. Sadly we didn't get to pick our lockers because our school is getting more and more kids. So they picked our grade to have to split some of us up. 15 or so people had to go upstairs to a smaller locker in the 9-10th grade hall, which nobody wanted to do. So the vice principal suggested we volunteer. At the end of the day only two people volunteered so they were going to pick out of a bucket of names. Luckily I wasn't chosen but two of my best friends were. So now instead of getting six lockers for my group of friends, including me. We only got four and two of us are sharing with the two that got picked to go upstairs. Which was no fun, but it's okay because we thought we could use those upstairs lockers for big projects that we couldn't put in our lockers.
Zara1221: First day was pretty bad, I was tired, hungry, and just not in the right mood for school.

A big thanks and shout out to all those who participated. I will be writing interviews weekly from now, so mail me if you'd like to be in the next interview. Thank you very much for reading. I hope you all have a wonderful time in school this year, best of luck with all your exams.

Signing off,


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