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Agent Amelia, Where Are You?

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Amelia's the name. Been fighting crime since 08'. It wasn't my choice, I was a weakling. Couldn't even do a pull up. Always laughed at me, wasn't my fault I took from my father's side. Sounds odd, ain't a man supposed to be stronger? Ey', anything can happen. Momma saw I was struggling, tried to help me but that was no help. You probably have seen the way I talk, born and raised in Texas. Well, until I moved to rusty New York, snobs on every corner. Getting taxis were the worst times, it was like momma and grandpa fighting over the last cinnamon roll. Granny made the best, Momma's still waiting to pick up the family recipe but granny rejects faster than a cheetah running after a gazelle. Ain't that nice? Aha, I do miss gran now, especially her cheesy gifts on Christmas of hand knitten sweaters, usually with reindeers or Santa. I admit, they were darn cute but just imagine, wearin' that to school? No thanks!

Back to the story. New York may be the jolly place where your dreams come true but na', ain't no dreams coming true here. So school, double times worse, new people, new everything. Especially the food, or should I call it slop? Don't deserve a place in the pyramid, not one bit of corn on the cob. Well, puberty striked and we all know how that dilly dally goes. Getting hair in the wrong places, big no no. Gym, still the worse, until I took action. Workin' out everyday, healthier habits and that would get more than one pull up.

It was time, my name was called, the metal rod balancing in the middle. I easily shot that in the target. I laughed for a second, shaking my head. The rope was last, I grabbed it pulling myself up. If I can do that, ain't nothing gonna stop me from ringing the bell. Well, I jinxed myself. It was going to good! Just one - I was stopped. A red liquid leaked through my orange shorts. I quickly scrambled down the rope, running faster than ever to the bathroom. Worst day ever.

I came home, frowning more than ever. I ignored Momma's usual question, "How was school?" And stormed into my room, plummeting, face first to the soft checkered blanket. It smelled like home, I started to remember as I clutched the blanket. The best time ever, riding Rascal. A sweet white horse, so innocent. But I'm gone. I didn't want to leave him. I promised to the very end, I promised I'd be always there for him. But I guess he'll be in my heart. My thoughts broke soon as momma called me for dinner. The smell already got me anxious. My favorite. I sat down licking my lips as I saw gumbo hit the table, taking in a whiff. Mm, yum! I scarfed it down taking it to the sink, washing some others while at it. "Thanks Momma," I said with a smile plastered on my face. "Sorry I ignored you earlier, I just had a bad day." She nodded, understanding. "Come here sugardoll," she said placing her hand beside her. "Life will be bad at times, but you just have to forget. Don't let it bother you. You can't change it." I smiled. Momma was always wise, I used to come to her every time for my problems but we just lost connection. We had a long talk after that.

I took my time getting comfy to read my favorite book. Of course, like any other human, reading made me incredibly thirsty, so I had a glass of water next to my bed side at all times in case the urge to drink hit me. Sometimes I didn't even realize I was drinking it, it was just a sort of unconscious action. Continuing on where I left off, I suddenly noticed it was getting really hard to see, and looked outside. It was already sunset! I closed the book and set it by my lamp. I went through my nightly prayers, and somewhere along the lines wished for tomorrow to be a better day. I knew it wasn't, though. Everyone would bring it up, laugh at me like when I was back in Texas. I decided I couldn't go back to school, but at the same moment Momma's words echoed through my mind, pulling the corners of my mouth into a smile. She really was a wise woman. And that was the moment everything changed. All I heard was BOOM BOOM and a scream, and I knew something was wrong.


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