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The New Miley

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Alrighty then! Welcome to this week's interview! Now if you haven't heard about Miley Cyrus's 'transformation' then clearly you've been living under a rock for the past couple months. Haha, I'm just joking. As most of you know Miley Cyrus has been receiving a lot of hate after her astonishing music video for "We Can't Stop". I'm sure a lot of people weren't expecting such a dramatic change from her, since she used to be the young Disney star that a lot of young girls looked up to. Her VMA awards performance was even worse, and people now describe her as a terrible influence on her fans (which are mostly young girls.) I interviewed some Whyvillians to find out what they think of the new Miley. Some say people are overreacting and that she's just trying to express herself, while others completely disagree.

Honeybbz9: Were you a fan of Miley at all before her song "We Can't Stop"?

xKaylax5: Yes, yes I was, I like the song just not the way she is acting.
Sydney624: No, I wasn't a fan.
Iconiac: Yeah, I loved her and Hannah Montana!
BananaB00: Yes, I was a fan of her.
tybella3: I loved her music, particularly relating to when she was on Disney when I was younger. I hadn't really listened to her these past few years, so I can't have a preference on some of her newer songs, but I must admit I completely stopped enjoying her music after "We Can't Stop".
angel9978: I was a big fan of her before "We Can't Stop". I looked up to her during her Disney days and foolishly thought that she would stay like that forever. Obviously, I was wrong.
jjany3: Yes I was a fan of Miley before her song "We Can't Stop".
Mekissyou: Yes, I was a fan of her before that song. I looked up to her as a child.
conan34: Yea. I still am kind of a fan, her songs stay in my head for days.
Hottrent1: I wasn't a big fan, but I didn't not like her. I feel like she's a talented singer, though.

Honeybbz9: What was your reaction when you saw the "We Can't Stop" video?

xKaylax5: I was surprised, I was watching this with my niece!
Sydney624: I was shocked, she's changed so much in the past year.
Iconiac: I wasn't surprised, she's trying to get out of her Hannah Montana phase, she doesn't wanna be known as a kid anymore.
BananaB00: I didn't really care, she's going to do what she wants to and what her choreographers want her to do. It's all about the money.
tybella3: I was utterly disgusted quite frankly. I know she can't stay "Hannah Montana" forever, but she is pushing way too far to break the "Disney star" mold. It saddens me, she used to be someone I looked up to.
angel9978: I was thinking to myself, "Why did I even watch this? What has she turned into?" I like her voice and all, but her public demeanor is too much for me to take in.
jjany3: My reaction was very surprised and disappointment in her.
Mekissyou: My reaction was that even though she may have taken it to the extreme, she's trying to escape from the 'Hannah Montana' Disney girl and is expressing herself.
conan34: What in the world did I just watch.
Hottrent1: There has been a lot of maturing since I saw Cyrus as a Disney princess. I personally think that she wants that image demolished from her past. I feel like that's the reason why she did what she did.

Honeybbz9: Do you approve of the new Miley?

Xkaylax5: No I do not. VETO
Sydney624: No I don't approve. She was the idol of many young children from Hannah Montana and her performance at the VMAs, referring to drugs in her songs, and the "We Can't Stop" video isn't a great way to show children how to act.
Iconiac: Sure, she's not a Disney princess anymore, you can't expect her to act like one now that she's in her 20's.
BananaB00: I don't really care if she's changed, so yes. I think that people are overreacting way too much.
tybella3: I don't approve of her at all. She has to grow up, she has a new style, whatever. But she is a beautiful girl, and she is exploiting herself to the public. It isn't classy in my opinion.
angel9978: I do not approve of her current behavior. Her performance at the VMA's was too embarrassing for me to watch. I still love her voice and am glad that she has a singing career, but her behavior is rather off the top.
jjany3: I don't approve of the new Miley because little girls/boys and older that loved her could have their hearts broken and it's very inappropriate.
Mekissyou: I approve. It's who she wants to be, and I'm not going to go around telling someone they can't be who they are.
conan34: It's her life, but she has to realize that a whole bunch of children watching her still. Nothing really bothered me until her VMA performance . . .
Hottrent1: I don't condone nor condemn her for her new get-up. I see where she's coming from, but I feel like she could have gone a different route from there.

Honeybbz9: Do you think she deserves the hate she's receiving?

xKaylax5: Partly, but "Nobody's perfect."
Sydney624: No, I don't like her but the constant bashing is just rude.
Iconiac: No, no one deserves to get hated on. She's growing up, if you don't agree with what she did at the VMA's, then forget about it.
BananaB00: No, of course not. People just need to get their knickers out of the twist.
tybella3: I think that her general behavior is disgusting, so I do believe she had it coming to her because even though people say it's her managers that are taking control. She could say no if she wanted to keep that respect for herself. I don't believe some of the comments she gets are deserved, she is still a person, so some of the harsh words are still inappropriate. But again, in a way I feel like she was asking for some of the negative attention.
angel9978: She doesn't deserve all of the hate she's getting, in my mind, but that's partially because I believe that no one deserves hate, no matter what they do.
jjany3: Yes I think she deserves it because her ex fans loved her when she didn't do all the disturbing things and they are trying to ask her why she has changed.
Mekissyou: I don't think she deserves the hate. I believe the hate is from people who don't want her to change.
conan34: No. She is not nearly as bad others.
Hottrent1: I don't believe that she deserves as much (if any) of the hate that she's getting. She's trying to get rid of her Disney princess career. It's the past and she wants to be seen as an adult. Like I said, I feel like there are other ways to do that.

Honeybbz9: What is your overall opinion on her now?

xKaylax5: I disprove of her.
Sydney624: She's a bad example for children who looked up to her, I hope they don't follow in her footsteps.
Iconiac: I'm not a fan of her, but I think she's OK. Miley doesn't have a terrible voice. I do think she is a bit stuck up though.
BananaB00: I still love her, I don't really care what she does because it's her choice, and honestly I'd do it too, for that kind of money. Most people would.
tybella3: She is no longer a role model, I think she's gone down hill trying to push too hard her new image. I feel kind of bad for her, but it's her choice and we have to accept it.
jjany3: My overall opinion of her now is that I don't like her and I kinda like her music but not the videos.
Mekissyou: My overall opinion hasn't changed about her. She's being just like anyone else, wanting to express her own self.
conan34: She is not that bad and is trying to break out, show people she is an adult and not Disney's Hannah Montana anymore.
Hottrent1: It hasn't changed other than her career is more mature. I'm not a huge fan, but I don't not like her.

It's now time to wrap up this article. As always I'd like to thank everyone who participated. What do you think of Miley Cyrus? Do you agree with what the Whyvillians said? Let me know.


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