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Reporting from Regina

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Reporting from Regina

City Worker

Hi there, this is Superid, just back from an exciting time in Regina, and our first ever Whyville town hall meeting. I'm sure the citizens who came will write in about the meeting; in this article, I thought I would tell you what I learned about Regina, home to so many Whyvillians.

First, while in Regina, I stayed at the old and historic Hotel Saskatchewan, referred to by the locals as "Hotel Sask". It was a wonderful place to stay.

When walking through the central park it was easy to find the two interesting buildings that Wench drew in her article, "Welcome to Regina." They are very pretty and unusual.

In fact, these buildings were so interesting, I decided to get a bit arty. :)

Do you suppose some day there might be a building somewhere called "Whyville Life"?

And, the "fashion" in Regina was quite unexpected, too -- does everyone out there have purple hair?? :)

And Saskatchewan is famous for growing wheat, but I had no idea that some of the wheat is made out of glass! :)

Are these the satellite dishes that connect Reginains to Whyville? I wonder!

Overall, I had a great time in Regina -- and really enjoyed meeting Whyvillians. Everyone should stay tuned for our next town hall meeting -- you never know where City Workers might show up next!! Would you like us to come to your town??? Just let us know!!

This is superid, signing off till next time.



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