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Hogwarts Cup: Trivia Time

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Before we begin this week's game, I'd like to thank all those who participated in the two beauty contests for last week's article. The two pupils who stood out this week were HotTrent1 for the Dumbledore Look-Alike contest, and Misaki661 for the Favorite Character contest. They will both receive 50k, house attire, and 100 house points for their achievement.

This week will be devoted to an ultimate trivia game where winner takes all! We will be reverting back to the beginning of the game where the FIRST person to ymail me all the correct answers will get the points and the clams.

The following questions are in no order of difficulty. They will range from easy-difficult in no particular order. I wish you all the best of luck, and may the best witch/wizard win!

1. In the first book, when Harry released the boa constrictor, which country was the snake planning on fleeing to?

2. In a hypothetical situation: During a Quidditch match, Slytherin has 160 points while HufflePuff has 0; HufflePuff ends up catching the Golden Snitch. Which team wins the game?

3. What is the Hogwart's motto (not individual house)?

4. Who betrayed the Potter family? (Full name)

5. How do ghosts celebrate their deaths?

6. What is so special about food?

7. Harry's prophecy was told by who? (Full name)

8. How do you put Fluffy to sleep?

9. List the three unforgivable curses, what they do, and describe a time in the books when they were used.

10. Has Harry ever used an Unforgivable curse?

11. If you were to break your bones at Hogwarts, what would you need to regrow them?

12. The gift of freedom came in what clothing form?

13. A Hogwart's Willow is only as good as it's _________.

14. Where does Dumbledore's Army first gather?

15. Who were the two people born July 30th & 31st and what was the significance of those days?

Author's Note: Scoreboard: Gryffindor: 300 Slytherin: 100 Revnclaw: 100 HufflePuff: 100


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