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This past Wednesday marked the arrival of Apple's long-awaited iOS7. The update brought major changes to the operating system's design, which was a big change for many long time Apple users. Some were very pleased by the new change, while others were a little disappointed and confused by it. Many have even held out on springing for the new update either in favor of the familiarity of the old operating system or because they feel conflicted as to whether or not they should get the update. For those who are still mulling over the decision or are just a little curious, I asked five Whyvillians who made the switch for their opinion on iOS7.

Xoxkitkat: What apple device(s) did you install the new iOS7 on?

TheShout: iPhone5
DahCutie: The iPhone 4s
nicenfun: I did a software update on my iPhone 4 to get iOS7!
HotTrent1: Only my iPhone 4.
iSprig: I installed it on my iPad and I might install it on my iPhone 4 soon.

Xoxkitkat: When did you update your device and how long did it take?

TheShout: I updated it just a few hours after it came out in my time zone (around 4-5 PM). The download process was quick and easy, but installing it was a horrible experience. Constant alerts would tell me that my phone wasn't able to install it and I had to keep trying. I gave up, came back to it a few hours later and it worked in one try!
DahCutie: Yesterday [Friday]. It took me three hours to download & install.
nicenfun: I updated my iPhone the day it was officially released, which was September 18th. It only took about 20 minutes or so to actually download the software, but then it took about another hour to prepare and finalize the update. For others, I heard it took hours! Thankfully, I was not one of them!
HotTrent1: I updated my phone on September 18th. It took about three hours to fully update.
iSprig: Many people say it took them a long time but mine only took 1 hour and it has PILES of storage!

Xoxkitkat: What was your first impression of the new operating system when your installation was finally completed?

TheShout: I liked it a lot! It looked a lot more colourful and modern and I loved the new lock screen a lot. The new app icons didn't impress me at all though. I actually thought they were quite ugly.
DahCutie: I thought that the overall layout looked really cute and the new features are helpful. It may take a while to get used to but I think it will be great in the long run.
nicenfun: At first, I did not really care for iOS7. I wasn't a fan of all the screens being all white and that the color of my sent texts were white instead of black. It makes it hard for me to read-- especially outside.
HotTrent1: I was impressed. The home screen looked cool and new. The whole thing is just so different that it'll take a while to get used to it.
iSprig: Honestly, I thought it was very ugly but I looked around and realized it wasn't that bad. I just didn't like the folder's color schemes.

Xoxkitkat: What is your favorite feature on iOS7?

TheShout: Definitely the lock screen. The lock screen just looks a lot nicer now than before and the background shows up a lot better (saying a quarter of it's not covered by the time and date).
DahCutie: All the most important features of the phone are right there if you scroll up. You can easily access flashlight, brightness, volume, and any other important setting right away.
nicenfun: I believe my favorite feature on iOS7 would have to be the update in the Notification Center and the lock screen. I love being able to view the Notification Center without having to unlock my iPhone! It makes things much easier for me.
HotTrent1: I have two, actually. The iTunes Radio so I don't need Pandora now. And I can swipe up and get quick access to the music, camera, calculator, stopwatch, flashlight, and all that good stuff.
iSprig: My favorite feature is the tab thing that pops up if you slide the bottom and the feature where you can double click the home button and you can see all of your windows that you opened.

Xoxkitkat: Least favorite feature?

TheShout: The multitask feature. I dislike it most because it's almost exactly like android and it's confusing. I also can't pause my music when I double click the home button now, which actually annoys me the most. Pausing my music another way will definitely be something I need to get used to.
DahCutie: The messaging. It looks less clean and it is harder to understand how to use it. Mine also has glitched a lot.
nicenfun: My least favorite feature is the update in Messages. Like stated before, I absolutely hate that my sent text color is in white instead of black like before. Also, I'm not a fan of having to hold down a text to be given the option to delete the entire conversation or separate messages.
HotTrent1: To be honest, the messaging. It's so different and unfamiliar to me.
iSprig: I like the old version of messaging better, but I'll live. Like I said before, probably the folder color scheme but ill get used to it.

Xoxkitkat: Would you recommend iOS7 to others? Why or why not?

TheShout: I would only recommend iOS 7 to people who just want something new and more modern. If you're content with iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 I suggest you don't update because iOS 7 is much more confusing and it's just not that great in general. Plus, it will most likely be a hassle to even update it.
DahCutie: Yes, because overall the new update has made the iPhone more helpful, useful, and it also looks pretty darn cute.
nicenfun: Honestly, I would recommend someone to experience iOS7 on someone else's device before updating their's to it or research thoroughly about it online. iOS7 is definitely very different than previous operating systems by Apple, and it may be a disappoint to some. Once you update to iOS7, you cannot go back, so be cautious and choose wisely!
HotTrent1: If you want to wait a few hours, go ahead! I like it better than the older one, despite the unfamiliarity of it.
iSprig: I would recommend it because it defiantly makes things easier and is easier to navigate then iOS 6.

I'd like to thank TheShout, DahCutie, nicenfun, HotTrent1, and iSprig for their well thought out and informative answers! Many people use their tablets, phones, and iPods on a daily basis and a big change like this is sure to make an impact on a user's experience. I definitely found their opinions interesting and agree with many of the points that were made. Hopefully those who are still in the decision making process gained some valuable input!

And a question for the rest of you who snagged the latest update - What do YOU think of iOS7?


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