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You've probably often heard the statement "music is my life". Music, being the powerful form of expression it is, can have a great impact on peoples' lives. There are some people who can even claim that music has saved their life. Zicker and I both believe in the power of music and we know many others do too, so we have interviewed 5 music lovers about how music has impacted them.

Cutelemon and Zicker: What does music mean to you?

BananaB00: Music means everything to me. I'm always listening to music no matter what.
Rhettage: For me, music simply means a place where I can escape when the real world seems impossible to comprehend.
kandy334: Music means everything to me. As a saxophone player, I deal with music every day and love playing it. If I didn't have the ability to play music, I don't know what my life would be.
Bestviola: To me, music is an outlet for self-expression, whether it be listening, composing, or performing it. Technically, it's just organized sound, but it can be quite therapeutic to some, and just plain fun. Music is something meant to be enjoyed.

Cutelemon and Zicker: Which song or artist means the most to you and why?

BananaB00: The artist that means the most to me would have to be McFLY because they've been such a big part of my life for a good seven years or so.
Rhettage: The song "Knives and Pens" by the Black Veil Brides means the most to me because the message it helps convey, which is showing the effects of bullying, is something that I truly stand for.
kandy334: I love the song Northern Downpour by Panic! At The Disco. It's a really soothing song to me, almost like a lullaby. It can calm me down and make me happy on a bad day.
Bestviola: Not a song or "artist" in today's sense, but Beethoven means a lot to me. He basically made the transition between the classical and romantic ages of music, revolutionizing music forever, and despite going deaf and dealing with some major depression, he continued to write amazing symphonies. It just shows that with enough time and effort, and some creativity, you can still do what you enjoy no matter what, and accomplish great things.

Cutelemon and Zicker: What impact has music made on your life?

BananaB00: Music has made a huge impact on my life. Without music, there's a good chance that I wouldn't be here still.
Rhettage: Music has relieved my stress, calmed me down, and brought me up. In true honesty, it has saved my life because it gives me "alone time" in which I can let my problems melt away.
kandy334: Huuuuge. It's my talent, addiction, and my career of choice. I hope to become a music teacher in the future so I can have students learn the powerful impact of music just like I did.
Bestviola: I've been a musician for the better part of my life. Playing the viola for 13 years now has opened up new opportunities for me, from making new friends to my job today, teaching lessons. Whenever I feel a bit of anxiety coming on, playing around on my viola is a sure way to relieve that, and helped me through some tough times.

Cutelemon and Zicker: How would you feel if music was banned?

BananaB00: If music was banned, I would riot. I'm not even kidding, music is so amazing and if it was taken away there would be so many people who would commit suicide and many people would be out of jobs.
Rhettage: If music were banned I would be very confused and also would end up giving up on trying to find clarity.
kandy334: I would break the rules and play and listen to my music anyway. I love listening and playing way too much to ever give it up. Send me to jail. I'll just sing there too.
Bestviola: I'd be pretty mad at whoever decided that, but music can never be banned. If you listen closely, you can hear a little bit of music in everything.

Cutelemon and Zicker: Do you think music has the power to save lives? (give examples)

BananaB00: I think that music does have the power to save lives. I know many people that can say that music has saved their lives. Music is just something so personal that I feel it helps people feel less alone and upset.
Rhettage: Yes, I think music has the power to save lives. For example, a person feeling unbeautiful could listen to the song "True Colours by Cindy Lauper and realize that they are truly beautiful. If a person is feeling that bad about themselves just the thought of someone calling them beautiful can be enough to save their life.
kandy334: I do believe music has the power to save lives. Listening to a sad song or a few can be the difference between crying and letting your feelings out, and taking your own life. I've seen it with my own eyes.
Bestviola: I do. There are all these stories about children growing up in extreme poverty, abusive families, etc., finding solace in music. Some of these people have gone on to become great performers, despite their hardships, and without that passion, they wouldn't be in a very good place now, and may not have had the strength to keep going through life.

As you can see by these answers, there are many people who hold music very dear. Whether you sing it, play it or listen to it, music truly is an enriching activity to add into your life.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the interview and everyone who reads it!


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