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Goodbye . . . ?

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There we were, sitting in the car. We shared the earphones and sat there listening to Grouplove, just like we would when you would take me out. Our favorite song was playing and I just couldn't help but to think of the memories we made those two weeks. Stuck in traffic, we decided to play this game, "Bloody Knuckles." Feeling that you would win since you were oh, so older than me. We had our laughs and giggles and your shocked face to notice I won. Finally, we arrived and I helped you carry your luggage. Into the airport we went and we looked around trying to figure out where you were supposed to go. Finally we figured it out, but still confused. Mom then suggested you just go upstairs and get your luggage checked. Up the escalator you went and you stood in line, shrugging and looking at us with a confused face. Turns out that was goodbye. We didn't know you were actually supposed to be up there. I stood there, not moving a muscle, staring at you from the distance. We didn't even say our goodbyes, trying not to cry of course. I then silently whispered "Goodbye?" thinking you could hear it, but you couldn't.

On the drive home I sat there quietly. I listened to our favorite songs thinking. "What a wonderful two weeks." I kept biting my tongue trying not to cry. The lump in my throat and watery eyes. It was just too hard, but I managed it. Finally, arrived home. I ran into the restroom yelling, "I'm going to shower!" trying to hide the sadness in my voice. I locked myself up, turned up the water and bawled. I got out and was tired, so I went to bed. I couldn't sleep though, I just stared up at the ceiling thinking about the memories we made the two weeks you came. We had so much fun, you gave me advice, you understood me, you were there for me. We didn't go a day where we didn't laugh. You're back to another state now. We won't see each other till July, and that feels like forever. You made my summer amazing! I mean, who wouldn't want to go out at 9PM to get slushies?! That night I ended crying myself to sleep.

It's Monday morning and I happily walk into the living room hoping to see you there. Then I remember, you're gone. I sit on the couch where I would see you every morning those two weeks. I stare down, the tears flowing down my cheeks. It just doesn't feel the same anymore. A part of me is gone, I feel like I was just stabbed from the inside. I can't always be sad though, yet it's so hard. I had never been so happy when you came. We always got along, but now that you're gone its back to arguments with the sister, no more laughs. All I can say now is I love you and I always will. We have so much in common, we could be the same person, just different looks and gender of course. It was a hard time, but I know you'll be back soon and those happy days will be back. I'm lucky to have a wonderful brother like you.


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