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by amanda
Times Writer

Hi,it's me, Amanda again with an article about ghosts. It may sound silly, but I love ghost stories, and so do a lot of other people. So I'm firing away.

If you've ever read a ghost story, did you ever stop to think about that happening in real life? It does happen sometimes, but have you ever thought of it happening to you, and if it did what it would feel like? Like seeing a ghost or a spirit or an angel? How would you react if one of those just popped up out of nowhere? I know I'd feel pretty strange.

Have you ever thought of how the story would end before it did? Like if the ghost would take over the world, or will the ghost come back to life, or...what? Have you ever decided to wait and find out what happened another time, just to keep the suspense in the air? Or are you the type who is impatient and simply cannot wait another second to find out what happens? I myself am more of the impatient type.

I've always liked the part where the ghost makes itself seen. The people are shocked and frightened, and other times joyful if it is a relative or a friend or a pet that has died. They wonder what the ghost has come back for; maybe it has unfinished business or maybe it just decided to drop in for a chat or maybe there is a problem.

I think the best type of ghost stories are the ones that are not gruesome. If they are gruesome,I can't finish it. The other ones are fun because you know that nothing too bad is going to happen, just spooks and spirits.The gross ones are too creepy, and they don't seem like a ghost story much any more. It seems like a whole different type of story.

Have you ever read any ghost stories that you just did not see the point in? You could still like it, but maybe you thought there wasn't enough suspense, or maybe it was just a little on the bland side, or maybe the ghost did not appear often enough, so it was hard to follow with what was going on. But no ghost story is a total failure,some are just more exciting than others, that's all.

Most people think about ghosts just being plain white and see through. Real experiences say that is not true. Ghosts come in all kinds of different forms. Some may look like a regular person while others may look transparent. Just like humans, there is no two ghosts exactly alike.

Some people are terrified of ghosts because they think if they ever see one,it would hurt them. I don't think ghosts can hurt you if you can walk right through them, so if you are scared of ghosts,there really is no reason to be.

I'm just about ready to finish up. If you have any questions about anything in it, Y-mail me. I'll be glad to answer anything about it. Anyway,I hope you enjoyed the article, and if you are really scared of ghosts you may want to watch Ghostbusters to pick up a few tips! Lol.

Anyway,see you around Whyville maybe!

This is Amanda signing off on a ghoulish note,


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