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Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

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I am looking at my pictures from Prom Night, and it is quite funny to see all of the stuff they have blacked out. He he he.

A couple of days ago, I was very lucky to get to go with three of my friends (monkeyft, pinelope, and kat4444) to the first ever town meeting in Whyville! For those of you who didn't get a chance to go, I am going to fill you in on all of the juicy details, in what could turn out to be somewhat of a long article.

I, not surprisingly, started off the morning in a bit of a hurry as I was only up and moving ten minutes before I had to leave. Saturday mornings just aren't my thing, and hey, can you blame me? Then I picked up the funky bus driver and her passenger, and my buddy, the other clam. (Yes, we made those as costumes to wear!)

When we arrived at the University we met Jim, also known as superid (or, if you were confused like I was that Saturday morning, superIQ! LoL), one of the founders of Whyville. He was super nice, although not at all what I had expected.

Including my friends and I, there were only nine citizens there. I had been expecting a lot more, but hey, I had a blast anyway. Basically, we had a Question and Answer session. I learned a lot about the very bright future of Whyville.

Firstly, NASA (the rocket people) are looking at giving Whyville a big grant (just in case some people don't know what a grant is, it means they are thinking about giving us money!!). With this grant, City Workers hope to improve Whyville servers. And that means, you guessed it, an improved waiting room, and more people being able to get on at a time! This should happen sometime later this year.

Superid explained that a tour of Whyville was being set up for visitors and newbies. With this, superid mentioned that some day we may get Junior City Workers, who would be citizens that help out around Whyville. One task that Jr. City Workers would have would be to go through the petitions, so that ones that are looking for a boyfriend or more money are filtered out.

Not enough good news of things to come for you yet? I hope not! How about the plot situation? City Workers are considering changing the entire process. Instead of having to wait in line to get a plot, we may eventually be able to buy land, as much as we could afford. Also, we'd put our stores in our houses then, instead of in Akbar's.

Earlier I mentioned the NASA grant. When this was being discussed, it kind of led into a another subject. You know the Warp Wagon? Well, it is also hoped that some day Whyville will able to fly to other planets, possibly even set up a space station on Mars! Sweetness, hey?

Well, these were some of the highlights of The First Ever Town Hall Meeting. I enjoyed it a lot. I hope you are as excited about the future of Whyville as I am. It is looking fairly bright, if you can't already tell.

L8er guys,
Giggler01, "scampering" away. (Sorry guys, I couldn't resist!)



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