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Just a Reflection

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I was always the overweight girl. The girl nobody thought was "hot" or "beautiful". Nobody asked me to the dance or to go to the park. I always wanted my dream boy to come and call me "beautiful". It never happened. Whenever I had a bad day, I'd always go to a full length mirror. The full length mirror always showed the worst me. The one where I was ugly, and I never mattered. I went to thrift stores a lot. I tried really cute stuff on. There was always a full length mirror to check fits and see through and such. I was always critique myself. "The dress is too small." "Your fat rolls show."

But then I realized, that reflection doesn't show the real me. The fun, spunky me. The sweet, loving me. It's just a reflection. It's just the outside. Just the ugly frosting on the outside of sweet cake. I never give up anymore. Sure, I critique. But I always remember the inside.

Author's Note: The reason I found myself, not just the outside, but the inside too, is because of Tess Munster, or Madame Munster. She is a plus side model that is true to her self. She is on two social networks, Instagram and Facebook. She has a hashtag, #honoryourcurves. She is the best person I have ever seen, and she is a true inspiration.


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