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School Dress Codes

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People have mixed opinions on school dress codes. Some say they are far too strict, while others believe it's there for a reason. Here in England most schools have uniforms, including mine. However we still have school dress codes like shoes must be black, no trainers unless you're doing P.E, no hats in class, etc. Since the majority of the people on Whyville are from North America, I'm pretty sure most schools allow their pupils to wear their own clothes, but some have dress codes. I interviewed some Whyvillians to find out a little more about their school dress code and what they think about it.

Honeybbz9: Does your school have a dress code?

iSprig: Yes my school does have a dress code.
JaceDemon: Yes, it does have a dress code.
rhettage: If uniforms count, then yes, we have a dress code.
angel9978: Yes. My school has a dress code, that is often enforced.
Lydyy: Yeah.
luvyou23: Yes.
KandHshow: We don't have a uniform, but yes, we have a dress code.
Carlyjifp: Yes, even adults cant come on campus with certain clothes.
Zicker: Yes, all the students at my school are dressed head to toe in the same uniform. To accompany that, there are strict rules on how the students wear the uniform.
xoxosawa: Yes my school has a dress code which I always follow but many of the other girls don't.

Honeybbz9: If so, what are some of the dress codes?

iSprig: The boys aren't allowed to wear mohawks. Or style their hair in any way that includes shaving, and if they use gel they can only use a certain amount. The girls can't wear shorts that are too short and such.
JaceDemon: Skirts have to be knee length, or to your fingertips, same with shorts. No visible piercings except for ears. Hair must be a natural hair color, no outrageous colors. Tank top straps must be at least an inch wide.
rhettage: I simply have to wear a uniform except for at bedtime.
angel9978: Some of the rules are: skirts and shorts no shorter than mid-thigh, no hats unless there is a reasonable reason, no ripped jeans, no wild hair styles like dying your hair a neon color, 3 finger straps and no heels.
Lydyy: We can wear tank tops as long as the strap is 1 inch long. No yoga pants, or leggings without a long shirt or something covering. We can't have straps showing. And we can't wear flip flops or shoes with no back unless front of foot is covered. Also, short's must be as long as your arms.
luvyou23: You can't wear open toe shoes. No tops with spaghetti straps. No short skirts or shorts. No dyed hair.
KandHshow: Our shorts have to be at least mid-thigh length, we can't have undergarments showing, and we have to have straps thicker than two inches.
Carlyjifp: No sleeveless, no mini skirts , hair can only be natural colors, no heels over 3 inches and no piercings.
Zicker: No jewelry (only small studs are allowed for earrings and facial piercing have to be covered with a band aid) or alterations of the uniform are allowed. Students are required to wear the correct uniform into each lesson: sports uniform into sport lessons, arts uniform into art lessons and formal uniform everywhere else or a uniform detention will be received. So if you have sport first period and science second period you need to change your uniform and shoes during lunchtime.
xoxosawa: A couple of the dress code is you can wear flip-flops, you can't show your stomach, and no shorts shorts ect. (Simple things that every school has)

Honeybbz9: Do you often break the dress code?

iSprig: It isn't really my style to wear that type of clothing so not very often. A few years ago though, I did have to talk to the principal about a type of boots I was wearing.
JaceDemon: I have cyan hair and a septum piercing. I always break dress code, but I never get in trouble. I don't think they really enforce the code too much, unless you can see some girl's rear end hanging out her shorts.
angel9978: I believe I haven't broken the dress code yet. Even if I do break the dress code, there are always teachers who send you to the nurse's office to get a change of clothes. That often makes girls rethink about their outfits.
Lydyy: Yeaah. I have accidentally at points.
luvyou23: You could say that but since the principal lets his daughter wear open toe shoes short shorts we wear them too and if we get yelled at we say well then tell your daughter she can't wear them either.
KandHshow: I have, mostly with shorts, but I don't very often.
Carlyjifp: Well I try to follow them but sometimes i get tempted.
Zicker: Sometimes if I have a kind teacher I try to come into lessons wearing the wrong type of uniform because I don't want to change at lunch. Apart from that rarely ever. Many other people do break the dress code by rolling up their shirt sleeves.
xoxosawa: I don't always but once in a while my shorts aren't long enough the way they want it but it isn't shorts shorts so I don't get in trouble.

Honeybbz9: Do you think a uniform would be better, if your school doesn't have one?

iSprig: I'm glad that our school isn't that strict on dress codes so not really. But sometimes I can't figure out what to wear and want one so bad!
JaceDemon: No! I love being able to have the freedom to dress as I would like to. Uniforms may help with keeping students in order, but it doesn't allow much room for the kid to express themselves and show who they really are. There are ups and downs to uniforms, but I don't think they should be used at all.
angel9978: I rather not have a uniform. Although there are some limitations on dressing, you should still be able to express yourself through clothes. Uniforms are usually similar in style and make everyone look the same, so it's no fun. Unless the kids are constantly breaking the dress code in extreme ways, I'll probably say no to uniforms.
Lydyy: NO!!!
luvyou23: I do think uniforms would be good because I see lots of kids getting picked on because of what they wear.
KandHshow: No, I feel that MOST high school students have the maturity level to handle dressing responsibly without strict uniforms.
Carlyjifp: Absolutely not! I think it would be weird if everyone is wearing the same thing.
Zicker: I think that it's better for students to wear a uniform. However, it should be practical and comfortable. There should be a variety of options to choose as well like the choice between wearing a skirt or shorts for girls and wearing dress pants or track pants for guys. Also, students should be able to express themselves by wearing whatever shoes, bags, jewelry (as long as it's practical) and hats they wish.
xoxosawa: Yes, I worn uniforms since 5th grade. This year I moved to a different school for 11th grade and they don't use uniforms. Uniforms are so much easier and cheaper.

Honeybbz9: What's your overall opinion on your school dress code?

iSprig: It isn't that much of a big deal compared to some other dress codes so I don't really care that much.
JaceDemon: I think the school dress code is fair with some things, but ridiculous with others. I like the rules about skirt/short length. I hate seeing girls with too much skin hanging out, it's not respectable. The thing with piercings and crazy hair, I guess those could be distractions, but it's still a ridiculous rule nonetheless.
angel9978: I say that although I can't wear a fair amount of my outfits to school because of the dress code, I think it's good. The point of school is to be educated, not participate in a fashion show (which would be awesome) sadly.
Lydyy: I think it's alright, they make a point. I definitely don't want uniforms!
luvyou23: I don't like the dress codes because what's the point if you have a person that is part of the principals family he just going to let her wear what ever so why should we have to follow the rules.
KandHshow: No, I feel that MOST high school students have the maturity level to handle dressing responsibly without strict uniforms.
Carlyjifp: It's ok I understand what there trying to prevent, however some students don't obey the dress code at all.
Zicker: I like how my school has a uniform since I don't need to wake up every morning and worry about what I'm going to wear. It's the strictness of it that annoys me. I want to be able to wear pants and comfortable shoes to school. Schools should have a nice uniform and be lenient on how the students choose to wear it.
xoxosawa: I like the dress code because we get to wear flip-flops. To be honest I dislike how many girls break the rules and don't get in trouble. We are at school for education not to impress.

Okay guys, it's time to wrap up this interview! Thanks to everyone who participated. Let me know what you think of your dress codes.


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