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Not So Happy!!

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Not So Happy!!

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A NOT SO HAPPY link123, signing on....

Dear Reader,

OK, I'll say it now, I'm angry! At all Whyvillians that live close to Regina, or even IN Regina -- I'm sooo angry at all of you, yes you! Only 10 Whyvillians showed up for the Whyville Meeting in Regina! ONLY 10! I was shocked! Only 10 people??

I know you probably had to play baseball or something, but, you're probably only going to get a chance to meet superid once! So, out of respect, a Whyvillians duty, show up for the next meeting that's near you! I don't think it's fair for any City Worker to only see that they have only 10 loyal citizens in this town, while I know there are over a hundred. Please show some respect next time, if we're lucky enough to have a next time!

Okay, now, the Meeting in Regina rocked! I got interviewed twice about my brochure, *YAY!*, An Entire Life Simulation that was in The Times' Regina Poster Issue. People like coolman99, Sonner, giggler01, and much more were there, including superid and a webcam video of City Worker Jen. Bigfoot Bill could not join us, because he was mountain biking! Big surprise there, LoL.

Here's a funny fact superid told the crowd: after 3 days that Whyville had been created, somehow someone came onto Whyville, and all the City Workers bombarded him with Hello's and Welcome to Whyville's... so many that he got scared and ran away! Hahahahaha!

So anyway, the meeting was reported on in the Leader Post, Regina's newspaper -- *YAAAY*! And attendants of the meeting got a 20-clam bill!

Like it?

An exciting piece of news: there will be Junior City Workers! Be a good citizen if you want to be like Bigfoot Bill! ;) In other news, NASA is giving Whyville more money to work on the Whyville Space Station! Of course you all forgot about it, so, FLASHBACK! Remember the Rocket License? Well, the Space Station is the place that you're sending oxygen to. And, WHYVILLE'S GOT A SPONSOR!!! I don't know too much about it, but superid said that they have a sponsor! *YAY HEY YAY!* They need to get lots more than one, but it's a start!!

Big Plans for Whyville, So Watch out!

Signing off.....



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