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My Protectors

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My teachers, parents, and friends told me I had nothing to worry about and soon enough I believed them. I drove my car towards home, a place even now I don't feel entirely safe. My heart rhythm picked up speed and I felt a chill even with my heater on. I checked my rearview mirror and there it was, the black sedan."No, it's not the same one. The person won't be wearing a mask, it will be a lady jamming out to her favorite station on the radio." I whispered reassuring myself. Slowly my heart rate began to slow down, but I made no attempt to look at who was driving the car because no matter how happy I was fear was waiting in the corner ready to attack.

Ring! Ring! I pulled over and crouched down searching for my phone. There it was on the passenger seat. "Um,Hello?"

"Hey,where you at?"

Excitement and joy filled my voice, "Oh hey Riley! I'm on the side of the freeway. Where are you?"

"Dude I am at my house want to come over? Why are you on the side of the freeway?"

"Well I couldn't find my phone, so I had to stop and find it and yeah I want to come over."

Riley replied laughing, "Was it on the passenger seat like it always is?"

"Yeah haha well I'm going to get back on the freeway see you in like 30 minutes! Bye!!!"

Before heading on the freeway I texted my mom to make sure she knew where I was going and so she wouldn't worry. Then checking my rearview mirror I noticed the black sedan, except there was no one in it. I locked my doors, and searched for the person. Looking around I saw whatever it was, I screamed. The thing wearing the mask was trying to get into my car, I took my car out of park and hauled butt on the freeway and when I was sure I was far enough away from that spot, I checked my rearview mirror. No black sudan, just a white car behind me. I sighed in relief and turned off the freeway, heading to my best friend Riley's house. Just a couple more blocks to go. Bump! I swerved because I had been hit by a car. I pulled over and so did the person that hit me. Again it was the black sedan. I just wanted to go see Riley, he was my best friend, and he would protect me. I didn't care if my car had been hit and there was a huge gash on my car, so I drove off.

I finally got to Riley's house and as I pulled up he opened the door to greet me. I got out of the car and at that instant I realized the black sedan was parked right behind me and the thing wearing the mask was walking up to me. I looked at Riley's eyes and I knew I wasn't seeing things so I sprinted for the door, the masked thing was faster, it grabbed me. "Riley! HELP!" I fought back but whatever this thing was, it was strong. Riley was running at him with a knife.

"Don't do it Riley, you know you will miss and she will end up bleeding out." It whisper-talked in a voice so corrupt and other-worldly, it made Riley hesitate. He chucked the knife at my head and I ducked, his grip loosened and I fell into the cold snow. I watched the knife hit the masked man. He fell back as I stood up. "Riley call 911. I think he is dead." Riley pulled out his phone as I walked up to the masked man. As soon as I got close enough he grabbed my foot, I tripped. I watched as he stood up with no blood stains and as he did so he whispered, "My turn." As it chucked the knife at Riley, my instints kicked in, I jumped up to block the knife from his attack and as I did so the knife hi my stomache. I dropped to my knees and knew that even though I was hurt, I would have been more hurt if Riley had been hit. Riley dropped to his knees to try and help me, I looked at him and then at the masked thing who was approaching us. "Riley run. Get out of here I will be fine. Just get inside, lock the door and call 911." I whispered.

"No I wont leave you to die."

"If you stay consider us both dead."

I watched him shut the door and then I decided if I was going to die I was going to die fighting. I pulled the knife out of my stomach and pulled myself off the ground, I faced the monster and as he walked up I chucked the knife at him and it passed right through him, he put one hand on my face and I fainted.

Yawning, I opened my eyes to see I was in a bed, it must have been a dream, I sat up and an instant pain ran through my body, I screamed. These people wearing weird clothes ran in to the room. "Lay down. You are incredibly hurt." Said a woman who was blue.

"Who are you people? Why are you all different colors!? Where am I?"

"I am Izzy the Ice Giant."

"Giant? You guys aren't giant you are my size."

"In this area of the giant kingdom, we are shrunken down to accommodate special people like you who are attacked by The Wickeds." Said an orange colored man who looked older than the rest.

"What do you mean by accommodate?"

"We are your protectors." huffed a man who was the same color as I.

"Wow, my protectors. Why are the Wickeds attacking me?"

"Because you are important to them and are one of the most powerful beings out there. Anyways enough of this let me you to everyone. I am Francis the fire giant, that's Goerge the Green giant. Green meaning environment. Over there is Wendy the Winter Giant,next to her is Freddy the Fall giant, then Sally the Spring Giant, and finally Sam the Summer Giant." said Francis.

"Hey you forgot about me!" pouted Izzy.

"You already introduced yourself, so why should I have to introduce you." Francis barked back. The room began to fill with tension so I decided to change the subject, "If I am so important to the Wickeds why did I get hurt?"

"Well it's simple, the Wickeds are bad people and will go to any lengths to get what they want. It's not like they wanted to kill you, they just wanted to injure you enough to take you. Anyways let me go get that healing medicine since you are awake now." Sam smiled.

I watched Sam leave the room and began to process it all. Wickeds are what the masked freaks are called and they are evil. The giants are good and different colors, and I am important somehow that's why I am being protected. When Sam got back he handed me this gel type stuff and told me to put it on my wound, so I did. I watched my body heal and the pain disappear. "What is this stuff?"

Author's Note: If you guys like it I will submit part two!


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