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Whyville Town Hall Meeting

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Whyville Town Hall Meeting

Times Writer

Hey all, Lilbeaut here. I'm gonna give you my story of the Whyville Town Hall Meeting in Regina. Before we get into everything real deep, I missed that whole thing. Now doesn't that stink like a piece of turd!

I had a championship softball game out of town, so I didn't get back home until 2:15 Whyville Time. I missed the entire thing, and I have been dying to see ever since I heard about it in the Times. I bet that lots of other people also missed it, because lots of people are rather busy Saturday mornings. At least my house is. 7:30 horseback riding, softball, soccer, basketball, acting... whatever. So, here's what I suggest for all the people who missed out like me:

Couldn't Whyville set up some thing where you can download the whole town meeting onto your computer? I think that's a great idea because no matter what you'd be able to see it.

Next thing is, I want to know who won the poster/writing contest! I've just seen a bunch of the posters and writings. Who was actually announced the winner? (By the way, the posters and the writings I saw were cool.) I'm really, really curious to know who won that Why-Pass! LoL.

Note from Times Editor: Winners have been announced! Please read my editorial to see who won!

After I raced onto Whyville to find out that I had missed the whole thing by half an hour, I met Bigfoot in the SportPlatz. That was also pretty awesome. I can't believe he didn't snap, though, when everyone asked him bazillionz of questions. I guess you could say I didn't want to bug him because he was busy enough. So I didn't really meet him. I read his bubbles, LoL. But anyway, he seems real nice. Give him a hello when you see him.

Then I heard about how a bunch of people got to see the Town Hall Meeting up close. Lucky them! They said how they met the founder of Whyville and how they got to ask him and another City Worker a bunch of questions about our beloved town. Jealously, I listened to them, wishing, oh, how I could've lived in Canada!

Now, speaking about the founder of Whyville -- many people jump to the conclusion that City Hall was the founder of Whyville. Indeed not. She was part of it, but there were other people involved. In fact, the founder who first thought of Whyville was Superid, just to keep you informed. I can't imagine that I, myself, did not know this for quite a while. I thought City Hall was the one and only. *Tadaa!* But no, I got "learned" and did a little "by chance" researching and found out what I'm informing you of now. So people, not only give credit to City Hall, give it to Superid, too!

Last thing is (and I assume I speak for everyone else), THANKS!

This Is Lilbeaut.

....Bending Rubber....



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