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Into the Darkness

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Author's Note: Once again I'm going to write another Halloween type article. I love Halloween so deal with it. I thought to myself, what can I write that challenges my creativity, will be fun, and people will want to read? I came to the conclusion; why not write a short horror story? It will be fun and I've never done it before. So here is my attempt at this tricky subject of writing. I call this story "Into the Darkness".

You know that feeling? The one you get when you turn off all the lights in your house and a door shuts? Or the floor creaks? Probably have simple explanations, but you let your imagination run free and engulf you in horrid ideas about what's lurking just around the corner. This is a feeling that is all too real to us. Something we experience daily or weekly. What if I told you you're right? You wouldn't believe me of course because you could just turn on the lights and prove me wrong. Tell that to Brian.

Brian was a normal plain teenage kid. Didn't get into much trouble and definitely didn't deserve this. You see sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. Brian was never afraid of the dark. Being an only child he didn't have older brothers or sisters to tell him the classic scary stories that made us jump into bed with Mom and Dad. Brian was what you call a "tough guy". He couldn't be scared easily because he simply didn't believe in the paranormal.

Brian was at a sleep over at John's, his friend, house. John lived in a house right next to a cornfield. I guess you could say his house was well separated from the community. It was around 1:00 a.m. when John looked at Brian and said, "Hey man, I should probably tell you something, it's pretty important." Brian, intrigued, said, "Alright what is it?" "Well I've lived here for about one year and the first day I slept in this room I heard a knock on my window. As you know my window overlooks the cornfield so I try to keep it covered at night since it freaks me out. Anyways I went to check what was causing the rapid knocking and nothing was there. So I thought nothing of it until I looked out at the cornfield."

John continued, "There was a man standing right behind the first row of corn. I couldn't see his face because it was too dark, but I just thought I should warn you. Don't open the window at night, okay?" Brian laughed, "I don't believe in those things but whatever, I promise I won't." The boys then went on talking about school and girls until the eventually fell asleep.

It was exactly 4:00 a.m. when Brian was awoken by a tapping on the window. He just assumed John was playing a joke on him. Brian opened the curtain and looks outside only to see nothing. He laughed and lied back down thinking, "John must think I'm an idiot, why would I fall for that?" He then heard the knocking again, but louder. Getting a little worried Brian looked over at John who was fast asleep. He tried to wake him up, but John didn't even budge as if he couldn't hear or feel Brian.

Brian checked outside again. Everything was the same except now a man stood at the edge of the cornfield. Brian was terrified, "Okay John you got me, stop messing around, this isn't funny!" The man in the cornfield reached out his hand and beckoned Brian forward. Feeling compelled by this creature Brian went down stairs and out the front door into the night. It was pitch black except for this one glowing spot where the man stood.

Brian crossed the street and stood right outside of the cornfield. Trembling from fear he just stood there planted to the ground. "Nothing is here, it's just my imagination, I should go back inside now." Right as he turned around with his back towards the field to hand grab his shoulder. In a dark deep devious voice he heard, "No my child, you're coming with me." Brian then looked up just in time to see his face. He gasped . . .

It was John.

Author's Note: If you liked this or hated it or just want to talk please Y-mail me! I love hearing back from the readers.


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