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Whyvillians on England

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Hello there mate! I hope you're all doing great! England is a country in Europe which is also part of the U.K. Being from England myself I wanted to find out what some Whyvillians thought about our country and people. I'm aware that there are a minority of British people on this site but I thought it would be great to interview non British people about England. I had the chance to interview five Whyvillians about their thoughts on England.

Honeybbz9: Have you ever been to England, if not would you like to visit?

3p1cpkz: No, and maybe . . .
bupaloo10: No and no I could care less.
Mortiky: I have not been to England, but I think it would be fun to visit, I would like to take pictures of the architectures.
DreamGr22: No, I haven't, but I'd love to. I live in the US, and I'd love to travel over seas, especially Europe. I've heard it's beautiful there, and the food is good.
Rexyp1: I have not. I am really hoping to go someday. I have always wanted to go to London since I was a little girl.

Honeybbz9: What are some stereotypes you've heard about the English people?

3p1cpkz: I heard they don't really have the best oral hygiene . . .
bupaloo10: You have nasty teeth and you like tea and crumpets. Oh and fish and chips.
Mortiky: One stereotype I have heard is that they have crooked teeth.
DreamGr22: I've heard you guys like tea, but I'm sure its not true for everyone over there!
Rexyp1: I have heard that they have bad teeth.

Honeybbz9: How many cities can you name that are in England?

3p1cpkz: Birmingham, Bristol, London, Cambridge, Liverpool, Nottingham, and a few others I can't remember . . .
bupaloo10: London. Is wales a city? Is London even a city?
Mortiky: I'm not sure of any of the names for certain . . .
DreamGr22: Is Cambridge a city? Birmingham sounds familiar to.
Rexyp1: London. Does Notting Hill exist? I saw that movie.

Honeybbz9: What are we known for?

3p1cpkz: Hot dogs n' Hamburgers!
bupaloo10: Harry potter and weird accents and tea.
Mortiky: Nice accents.
DreamGr22: Honestly, the Revolutionary War sticks out, it was a huge piece of American history.
Rexyp1: Big Ben so the only thing I have heard that England is known for. Oh and fish and chips.

Honeybbz9: Overall what do you think about England?

3p1cpkz: It's not the first place I'd think about visiting, but it seems nice.
bupaloo10: It's America on nutria system and anti depressants
Mortiky: I think it would be fun to do some photography there.
DreamGr22: Some of my friends are from England, and they are all very nice! I've read books about England too, some of my favorites take place there. I've heard lots of good things!
Rexyp1: I love it! I really want to visit England.

As always, thank you to all those who participated. It was fun reading your answers and finding out what you think about England and our culture. Thank you for reading, have a nice week and Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating Eid soon!

Signing off~


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