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I've been taking art classes since I started high school, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

The first two are from freshman year Beginning Drawing, where we focused more on learning technical drawing skills. The rest are from sophomore Advanced Drawing, where we focused less on technique and more on creativity and developing our own individual styles.

This is just a random eye we had to do to practice human features.

This is from a collage assignment. We had to cut out pictures from magazines, make a collage, and draw it. This is only a segment of it; I draw very slowly so I never quite finished the rest.

This piece is from a surrealism project. I did it in ink, using technical drawing pens. The dots took FOREVER.

I did this one using a white colored pencil on black paper. The theme of the project was "Broken." This is probably the only one that has a lot of emotional significance to me. I used it to represent the warped perceptions of a broken mind. (My teacher let me smash an old pair of glasses with a mallet for a reference, it was fun!)

This is a print of a flower. For this project, we were supposed to create rhythm. I carved a linoleum block, coated it in ink, and stamped it onto paper. The little white spots weren't really supposed to be there, but I really like the way they looked; they reminded me of faeries!


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