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Halloween 2013: Batty and Brainy Banter

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Not only did we get the infamous brain-eating zombies this year, but the alternating pale, high-speed, blood-sucking vampires. What they both hold in common: fetishes with human parts and foods that cause their demise.

For those who find the zombies to be a pesky aspect of chat rooms, Whyvillians must wait for an orange moon cake to appear, or buy one or more from the Projectile Shoppe for the mere price of 20 clams. The same can be said for vampires, by waiting on a vampire steak to appear (nice play on words, Whyville) or buying it from Projectile Shoppe for the same price.

Something I've noticed consistently throughout this event for years is that the opinions for Whyvillians can be divided into two categories: those who become obsessed with throwing the projectiles at others, and those who get immensely peeved from them the very first day it appears. It's certainly "Go Hard, or Go Home" with us Whyvillians.

One example of a citizen who takes this event to the next level is Freakzo, who proceeded to make a decorative banner of brains around the Beach South chatroom. As you can also see from the picture, the beach was transformed into a dim graveyard for the occasion. This transformation happens both with the vampires and zombies and only occurs when every Whyvillian (at least five must be present in the room) are transformed.

Of course, no Halloween occasion is complete without the City Workers joining in on the fun. City Hall surely proved herself to be the dedicated zombie she was. Tesract appeared later on to see the special Halloween background for the first time.

Chatroom festivities aside, there were also other ways to kick up the holiday spirit. One is the year-round option of the Halloween Skin on the Settings Portion of the bus. In order to be able to change your background you must:

- Click Settings on the Bus Menu
- Click "Change How You See Whyville"
- Select "Halloween"
- Press Save

Whyville also went ahead and switched the "Find the Scion" game into a more festive "Identify the Monster" one which still rewards 40 clams per answer. I took the time to snapshot as many of the monsters that appeared below for a special game of my own. The first person to identify each of these monsters and y-mail me will receive 20k, and any one else who y-mails me will be subjected to either a trick or a treat. But rest assured, ALL citizens will receive CLAMS (if you can read between the words, you will find out my trick).

This year's Halloween extravaganza certainly takes the cake for best one yet, already. I'm excited to find out what they have in store for the Halloween Bash later on this month, seeing how the above specials were already fantastic. Be on the lookout for the password to get into the party, and I hope you all have a safe and candy-filled Halloween!


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