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Taking a step back away from nature, I decided to let you into my personal life and share a picture of one of my cats! Nothing fancy or anything; just a cute bundle of joy! This is Mister Bailey, one of six cats I happily own. He loves to pose for photographs and he should! Look at those black lips of his! Here is his incredible story:

Mister Bailey is a 6-year-old Mainecoon who we rescued when he was 2 years old. Before his rescue, we actually adopted his real sister, who we named Babe, in May of 2007. We were notified in late 2009 that Mister Bailey and 3 other cats were abandoned by their owners and left to die. Fortunately, the area they were abandoned was only a few miles away from our home and we went over there right away. We recognized Mister Bailey right away and noticed he had a plain gray cat following him. We concluded that this was his brother in crime. To our surprise, the neighbors took in 1 of the other siblings and told us the last and final cat had passed away. Since we had Mister Bailey's sister at home, our family decided the best thing to do would be to take Mister Bailey and his brother home (whose name is now Oliver) and have all 3 siblings reunited! Unfortunately, Mister Bailey's sister, Babe, passed away a short time after this due to complications of an illness. On a happier note, Mister Bailey and his brother, Oliver, now live a fat and happy life in a forever home with my family!

The feeling of rescuing a cat or cats in need is truly something unexplainable. Animals rely on kind and generous humans to help them live a quality life. If you are interested in adding a pet to your family, please consider adopting one from an animal shelter to give them a forever home just like I have given Mister Bailey, his late sister, Babe, and his brother, Oliver.


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